Merchandising & Inventory Manager

Dena Pierard

Dena works behind the scenes to make sure that our shelves are fully stocked with all of the amazing products we carry. Without her, Nutrition World would not have the pristine look that it consistently has. 

In my teens, I suffered from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, better known as TMJ. I sought out a medical doctor's advice which was to break my jaw and rewire it. For obvious reasons, this was not an option for me. I then sought out assistance from an orthodontist who suggested putting braces on my teeth (for the second time) would realign my bite just enough to unlock my jaw, so I went that route, but to no avail. Two years after my jaw had locked, I crossed paths with a chiropractor who would change everything. On my very first adjustment with him, my jaw unlocked.

Chiropractic care opened up a whole new world to me - the new mantra was "listen to your body". Since then, I have learned more and more about how my body works and what my body needs.

Working at Nutrition World is just the next chapter to my journey of becoming as healthy, mind and body, as I possibly can.