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Here at Nutrition World, we want to make sure to recommend the most effective product to our customers.  

That is why all of our products ingredients are reviewed before we put them on the shelf.  There are some supplement companies that with the right marketing and the right claims can sell an inferior product as being a superior product. When the public takes an inferior product that is marketed as a superior product and the product does not deliver the results promised, then it turns off the public to the efficacy of nutritional supplements. That is why we recommend only the purest most effective products to our customers, and warn against products that do not deliver.

You may have heard the many radio advertisements for Complete Nutrition’s Charger testosterone supplement. We try to familiarize ourselves with what ingredients are in the product so we can form our own opinion of the product’s safety and efficacy.  In our other Complete Nutrition review we urged caution when taking their CTS 360 weight loss products for some strong ingredients that could cause some unpleasant side effects.

1) Boost in Energy?

Does Charger really bring your hormone levels back to when you were in your 20’s when you had endless energy? Energy comes from two sources, your own body and stimulants.  Caffeine is not giving you true energy but is actually stealing peter to pay paul.  It causes quick adrenal stimulation which over the long run is not conducive to health.  

2) Replenish Hormone Levels?

The Yohimbie in this product is claimed to replenish youth hormones. But is there any evidence for this? Not that we have ever seen.  Yohimbie is another herb with a stimulant effect, which may increase blood flow and may be beneficial for sexual performance. Yohimbie can work well for a stimulant effect for boosting sexual performance for several hours, but for replenishing youth hormones? Don’t count on it. We have not seen any evidence that this herb has any effects on replenishing youth hormones.

3) Safety?

This product may be safe for most people, but if you have blood pressure concerns or anxiety/stress problems we urge caution.  Yohimbie and caffeine can both give a jittery, nervous feeling and may make people with anxiety even more anxious, while also increasing blood pressure.  In fact, an article on stated, “Yohimbine should not be used in conjunction with caffeine.” because of the increased likelihood of unpleasant side effects.

4) All natural?

Many people are becoming increasingly concerned about what they put in their bodies.  Many people are choosing nutritional supplements because they want something safer and good for their bodies.  For marketing purposes, Complete Nutrition, chose to put completely unnecessary blue #1 and red #40 food dye in their pills to make them look nice through the clear bottle.. I For more info on the harmful effects of these chemicals, click here.

Here is a Safer Approach that We Recommend…

Have Your Testosterone Checked

Ideally you should get you should get your testosterone levels tested before beginning a new regimen.  If you live in the Chattanooga area and would like a walk-in clinic that can handle this for you, check out Circle of Life Family Medicine. Their practitioners,  Dr Matthew Tinney and Charity Moses are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to looking at the hormone levels in blood work and finding a holistic, safe and natural solution for their patients.  

To order discount online testosterone test or any other blood work, click here and here


Cell Block 80 is a safe, all natural supplement, with research-backed ingredients and no stimulants.  If you are looking to balance testosterone levels naturally without the stimulant effects, this would be a supplement to consider, Click Here to find out more.   

Vitamin D

Increasing levels of Vitamin D is another option that has respectable research to show its effectiveness.  Your goal is to have blood work showing 50ng/ml


This ancient herb offers safe and impressive results when proper dose and a quality brand is purchased.  


When you are sleep deprived the first result is lowering of hormones.  This sometimes is due to elevating cortisol. Overtraining in the gym also lowers testosterone..


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