Weight Loss Resolutions with Nutrition World

The new year is upon us and with it brings a new wave of weight loss and health improvement aspirations. If you are looking to shed a few pounds this season, you aren’t alone. There will be no shortage of people ready to sell you wraps, shakes, and other gimmicks. Sure, they may provide you some initial results. But, they will leave you discouraged and frustrated in a matter of weeks.

Do you jump on the newest weight loss trend year after year? Do you find that with each new dieting cycle the pounds come off slower and slower? This year, don’t let the same old artifices swindle you. If weight loss or healthier eating is on your list of resolutions this new year, Nutrition World is here to help.

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So, what should you expect when you trust Nutrition World to help you lose weight?

What you won’t find are cookie cutter diet plans or a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we will work together to develop a nutrition plan tailored to your needs. We consider the following factors when developing your plan:

  • Lifestyle
  • Dietary preferences
  • Body composition
  • Short and long term goals
  • Activity level
  • Health history
Additionally, instead of focusing only on the number on the scale go down each week, we focus on fat loss. Sure, if weight loss is your goal, you want your scale weight to drop. But, if you lose the same amount (or more) of muscle and water weight as body fat, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Losing a large amount of muscle actually makes it harder for your body to lose weight. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat. So with each pound of precious muscle mass lost, your basal metabolic rate declines. At Nutrition World, we target fat loss and work hard to protect your lean body mass. Each time you come in, we do a body composition analysis. This analysis ensures you are shedding fat while maintaining muscle.

Along your weight loss journey, we will provide accountability and supervision. When your needs change or you hit a plateau, we will adjust your plan. When you need new recipe ideas or help with menu planning, we have you covered. If you start to feel discouraged and unmotivated, we will offer encouragement. Lack of accountability is one of the primary reasons dieters begin to divagate. A nutrition expert can provide guidance and support during your weight loss journey.


What happens once you reach your weight loss goal?

After reaching your goal weight, we will help you transition into maintenance eating. We will continue with check-ins to make certain that your weight is remaining stable. When you reduce your intake to lose weight, your body makes metabolic adaptations. So, even if you don’t go back to your old ways after you lose weight, you could start to regain weight if you add too much too fast. But, if you reach your weight loss goal and continue to eat the same way you ate when you were trying to lose weight, you could be setting yourself up for potential nutrient deficiencies and less than optimal health. Your needs for losing weight and maintaining your goal weight will be different. Letting Nutrition World guide you guarantees you will have the tools you need to lose weight. And, it also assures that you will have the support you need to keep it off.


Start your weight loss journey with us today!

To find out more about how Nutrition World can help you lose weight, schedule a weight loss consultation with me, give us a call or come by the store. We are always happy to answer any questions you have. And, if you are ready to start on the path to lasting weight loss and health improvement, click my name below to schedule your initial consultation.


Courtney McMahan, RD, completed her undergraduate work at UT Chattanooga. She completed her dietetic internship work at UT Martin. While in her undergraduate time, she had the opportunity to work at Nutrition World and learn how supplements can be combined with a nutritious diet to optimize health. She then completed her dietetic internship at UT Martin. This internship included 1200 supervised practice hours in dietetics. After her internship, she passed the registration exam to become a dietitian. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition.