How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

This time of year people are looking to make significant changes. Weight loss is often at the top of the list, but yet it remains elusive to many. Whether we fall back into old habits or find ourselves stress snacking, consistent and permanent change can be difficult to achieve.

This week Ed breaks down his essential strategies for effective weight loss. When dieting doesn’t work, a lot of people are left scratching their heads about next steps. Ed explains what he’s found the most beneficial for people of all ages. This one simple step could have a tremendous impact on your health!

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Today, we’re gonna talk about weight loss and weight control. You know, I’ve been doing this for 45 years. And the number one question that I’ve had for four and a half decades is, what do you have to help me lose weight? Actually, that answer changed many, many years ago, which is I have nothing to help you lose weight, because they’re looking for the magic pill. And what I have really learned from a deep level is most people not all, most people cannot lose weight. It’s not because they’re really eating too much. It’s really not because they’re, they’re not exercising enough, it’s because their blood chemistry changed. We all remember a time probably when we were 1820 22 years old, we could lose two pounds in two days, if we needed to. And we could eat a lot and really not gain weight. Why is that changing as we get the past 35 years old, it’s because the blood chemistry goes from very optimal to less than optimal to then very average. And then below that, and blood chemistry is what sends so many signals to our body to do 1000s of processes, one of which is putting on weight. As your triglycerides rise, your insulin rises, your blood sugar goes from optimal of 82 to start creeping to 90 to 95, your omega three fatty acids lower, those things start contributing to the same foods that would not give you a weight gain before starts putting on weight. So what do I recommend, again, going back to the basics of creating optimal health, but one part of the most important parts of that is raising the level of protein in your daily diet. We’ve been sold on kind of a myth over the decades that too much protein is unhealthy. Too much of anything is but in but we’ve really missed the mark of how much protein do we need. One of my greatest advocates today is Dr. Peter T, who wrote a book called outlive of I’ve read that book, several times 500 page, I truly believe he has planted the seeds of changing the thinking pattern of traditional medical professionals, because he says we’re lived in medicine, point 1.0 For the past 30 years. And we need to be in medicine 2.0, which is actually looking for the causes of our disabilities, disabilities and are falling apart and the fact that we get weaker with age and setting up a plan for success. He calls these centenarian decathlon. And what is that this a big plan, but number one is we need to be raising our protein to one half to one gram per pound of body weight, I weigh 174 pounds, I shoot 470 grams of protein a day in divided doses. How do we do that? You got to do it through foods a lot. But I have to drink two protein drinks a day or I don’t make my numbers. And as long as you don’t have serious health conditions, it’s perfectly fine because we start losing muscle mass about the age of 30 ish if we do not consume enough protein and we still lose it even with protein that is been correlated to more higher risk of mortality, and certainly makes us look worse because we tend to have more fat with less muscle. And protein tends to help you to hold that muscle expecially if you can wait train, which is the only exercise that actually increases longevity, in most cases, especially the appearance. So how do we raise the protein? Well, if you’re into carnivore type of eating, then eat clean meats like nutrition, world sales, local beef and other local meats, or find it wherever you trust. Secondly, is if you even if you do, you might need a protein drink I’m using right now. bluebonnet makes a very clean whey protein drink that is certified for the most ultimate cleanliness there is I don’t think there’s a food around that probably equals this I do two of these a day or for those who need plant based. True Vani is a an amazing company. I heard the owner of this speak just recently in Orlando, and she is a crazy about quality. So doing those two days a week or two times a day and also eating those foods can truly change some of your blood chemistry. You can get bloodwork at nutrition world on certain days of the week. You can see that on our website at nutrition that will further define what you need to work on and actually give feedback as to what you’re doing. Is it working? So trying to create a better triglyceride level better glucose level better insulin level, those will create less cravings. And how do we do that, again, raising your protein and trying to lower your carbs at a reasonable level. But raising the protein alone can help decrease the craving for those junk foods. I’m telling you it’s rare Hear that I crave carbohydrate these days. And this really didn’t hit me and I didn’t find my own sweet spot until about 60 years old, my waist size was going up, my body fat was going up, weight really didn’t change, but my distribution of everything did. And then I kind of hit upon this protein deal as Dr. Peter to really pushes in his book out live. And I want to share all of that with you. It’s not that hard people, but it does take about four to eight weeks to start seeing some results. So put a plan together, because Father Tom’s not really our friend. And if we have to really have a strong plan in order to come to peace with some of the things that will happen with age, but we can slow those processes down, but only if you’re empowered with proper knowledge. And that’s not going to come from probably the traditional model of education. So we’re here as your partners on your journey to help anytime you need us. Please don’t hesitate to come in, contact us, email us. We are here for you, again as your partner Thank you

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