The Emerging Science of Humic and Fulvic Acids

Nature is really amazing. It provides so much for living organisms to stay healthy and grow. Today’s topic is no exception: humic and fulvic acids. These naturally occurring organic acids are formed by decomposing plant matter and offer many surprising health benefits. From detoxification, to increasing your amount of trace minerals, these to substances are an emerging science you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Meet Rob Seeman:

Our guest this week is Rob Seeman, Director of Socially Responsible Marketing and Product Development for The Food Movement Company. The Food Movement has been an industry leader in the creation of plant-based nutrients, offering many health food industry ‘firsts’. Rob sits down with us to discuss how these natural organic acids can support health, detoxification, and overall well-being.

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Because humic acid, you know, related to humic substances, or humates was more commonly known. Nowadays you hear a lot more buzz about fulvic acid, because it has, you know, more oxygen and humic acid. But the way we look at it at the food movement, you know, part of our natural philosophy, these things always occur together in nature. So rather than trying to break them apart and isolate fulvic acid, or isolate humic acid as some companies have done, we try to give people and we do give people a broad spectrum that that replicates and just encompasses what they get in nature.

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You’re listening to the nutritional world podcast, a show about navigating the intricacies of holistic wellness. We’re a natural health food store located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we believe that optimal health and peak performance should be accessible to everyone.

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Welcome, everyone, and I’m so glad you’re here for another one of our podcasts. And I want to welcome Rob Seaman here to nutritional pearls podcast. Welcome.

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Thank you so much that I really appreciate the opportunity.

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I have done so many podcasts now that I’ve lost count on the one series called the holistic navigator, we try to educate people on many different components of health, we’ve done about 105. But at nutrition, we are growing very fast, we’ve done so many that again, I’ve kind of lost count, and I do a radio show called vital health radio that converts into a podcast after several days after the recording. So I’m running up to pretty high numbers, I’ll read your story, your history, I want to help people as more than ever in my 44 year career and being 66 My passion is to help empower people with tools to not only maintain health, but to hopefully bring back better health if they’re struggling. And because we’re in an industry sometimes not always, that is the Wild West, as you had mentioned before we got on it is very true. And empowering yourself is one of the keys, I feel we’re very fortunate to have. It’s always a double sided issue. But the internet is a blessing. Because people like you and I can speak and then we can share these words where in the past, maybe we would do a magazine article, we might do a newspaper, they just didn’t access people to the level we can access. So today we want to talk about three of the kind of categories of Earth product Earth miracles to me sometimes, you know, we hear about the Amazon forest back in the day. And you know how the destruction of it could eliminate potential miracles and health was not just the Amazon, it can be found on many places of this earth. And many of these potentials have been either ignored, not known, or they’ve actually been found. And then they just fizzle because there’s not a way to execute it to the level that gets to the public. But today, I want to talk to you, Rob, because you have a very long history in the nutrition industry. You have, you’ve been doing this, I suppose about like me your whole life and the food movement Company is your company out of Chicago. And I looked up and also you have a podcast looked Excellent. And so you and I kind of share a lot of the same path of life. My path is not to sell products is to empower people with knowledge and we empower then whatever happens happens, and usually is a very positive outcome of that. But I want to talk about again, the fulvic acid, silver, and humic what was it the fulvic, the silver and the zeolite because I’ve got a long history of being skeptical of these products. And they are obviously we don’t pick anything up unless I’m completely satisfied to the sourcing, the purity because the thing about the Earth is and I know I’m doing all the talking here you’re soon to start but we have to deal with heavy metals, pollutants, things that have been deposited not only by man, but sometimes nature. And these products come from those places. So we have to be extremely critical and and be very particular of sourcing and testing. And I saw on your website, which I love companies that really are honest and I know you are about third party testing that is invaluable. And and people can talk about the natural food industry. But pharmaceuticals are just as guilty about not really doing their homework often and because their profit potential are so much greater. They will fudge I guess I use that word many times to get a drug to market and we’ve certainly seen that there has been over 8100 drugs recalled. In the marketplace, they didn’t recall them because they had people had belly aches, they were called because they killed people at 100 drugs. And that is a sad story. Because most of those should not have been approved and or they knew beforehand. So I’m rambling a lot here. But let’s start talking because we have limited time. I love humic, our soil base things fulvic acid, I love silver if proper. So you start telling me maybe a little story of each of these three and what people might benefit by using these?

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Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, thank you so much for the opportunity. Clearly, we’re on the same page. So it’s a great context to have this conversation because I don’t have to explain to you natural medicine, you clearly know how great as a paradigm, first, do no harm in the Hippocratic Oath is important. And so when we’re using things that are generally regarded as safe, you know, our obligation to the consumer is to go the extra mile. And to make sure that we do third party testing, as you mentioned, to make sure that there are no contaminants that there are not unsafe levels of things like heavy metals, and so are black earth minerals that the food movement makes are really the products that we’re talking about here. So there’s a black earth fulvic that we make a black earth zeolite has been very popular, and the black earth silver, and all of those products have three components, you know, component types, humic acid, fulvic acid, and over 70 trace minerals from the earth. And they occur together in nature, this is just a natural part of the lifecycle. In nature, when when plants break down over 1000s, sometimes millions of years, they are reduced to the elements to the mineral elements. And along with those mineral elements. Nature includes in its infinite wisdom, humic and fulvic acid. And largely because those compounds, those organic acids make the minerals more bioavailable, so they make a better natural fertilizer in the lifecycle to for those minerals to go back into living things. So the old living things break down, and then the humates help those minerals get into new living things.

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So let me interrupt. So the natural cycle of the Earth is actually for living creatures to consume these kinds of products, well and the certain way or is given to the body for them to rebuild themselves. Well, it’s

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interesting because you know, 1000s of years ago, human beings that we know of, you know, started ingesting humates if you go back into Ayurveda, Sheila Jeet has been very popular lately as and that’s just a an ancient source of these humates humic acid fulvic acid, really and trace minerals. Yeah, so she legit is just another type of humate. The humates that we use in the food movement are North American source. They’re actually now what

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is the word humate? Human humic acid, what does that really mean? So is it a molecular structure?

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Well, it comes from natural organic matter, it naturally occurs in soil organic matter, but also in the ocean, you know, if you were to have if you have a compost pile in your backyard, you could do some analysis, you probably have some fulvic acid forming in there as the plants break down. It’s just very old plant matter forms humates and within humates are those organic acids, the fulvic acid, which you know, all this is an emerging science, that’s kind of the interesting part of getting into this, because at one point, when I got into this, you know, they were saying fulvic acid was a type of humic acid, because humic acid, you know, related to humic substances or humates was more commonly known. Nowadays, you hear a lot more buzz about fulvic acid, because it has you know, more oxygen than humic acid, but the way we look at it at the food movement, you know, part of our natural philosophy, these things always occur together in nature. So, rather than trying to break them apart and isolate fulvic acid or isolate humic acid as some companies have done, we try to give people and we do give people a broad spectrum, that that replicates and just encompasses what they get in nature. I love

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that and I use the term ancient wisdom many times in many of my podcasts and writings because we if we can mimic the wisdom of nature, we generally cannot go wrong. Now what do we always know what that is we don’t always but this philosophy of recycling and the, and the 70 minerals. And the fact we decompose into this and the new plant life comes from it, it doesn’t take a PhD to understand the wisdom of that cycle. And we’re going to talk here, I know you will about, you know, the health benefits of these kinds of products like helping to bind with heavy metals, that is a humongous important tip and point for us to live less diseases and to be better health healthy, because we’re living in a toxic world that doing nothing is very risky. And if we don’t set up a plan of action, to encourage these toxic compounds to be bound up somewhere, you’re not going to probably get rid of them. I just listened to a great book 500 page book by Dr. Peter Atea called outlive. And I’ve really been following him. He’s very, very science based. And that’s good for that. And I love that whole philosophy. But sometimes you we don’t have enough decades left in our life to wait for the voluminous amount of heavy duty research to convince those people of these kinds of products, you know, people may be listing and say, well, if they’re that great, why doesn’t it come out in a pharmaceutical or that there’s just not any profit for this, it because they can’t patent it. That’s one of the big reasons. But I know there are miracles still have not been discovered on this earth that can help us to be healthier in so many ways. So I would like to get into the heavy metal thing pretty quickly, because that is a real, very important topic to me to help other people. Because I know that even from the glyphosate testing that they’re now finding it you know, we all have glyphosate, which is not a heavy metal, but it’s a terrible compounds causing leaky gut is from the, you know, Roundup on foods, and it’s awful. But the heavy metals is more concerning to me almost because it is blocks the neurological system, it causes diseases and nerves and things like ALS and cancer and Blank, blank blank. So how do these products work to bind with that?

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Well, you know, let’s focus on the zeolite. So Black Earth zeolite, you know, like all of our black earth products, humic acid, fulvic acid, over 70 trace minerals, but also has a unique mineral compound called zeolite. Our zeolite is a type of zeolite, called cleanup tidal light. And it’s formed like like all zeolites in nature, from volcanic activity. So this is really, you know, you can synthesize in the laboratory, but we really believe it’s important to get natural products. So our zeolite comes from ancient volcanic activity. But the healing properties really come from zeolite and the humates, having an affinity for heavy metals, and other positively charged potential pathogens. So it’s it’s not just heavy metals, as you say, something like glyphosate, which, gosh, there’s been research on humic acid and helping detoxify from glyphosate over in China, they’re doing research on that specifically. And it’s very interesting, because the negative charge in zeolite, and in the fulvic acid seemed to have a real affinity for these potential pathogens, whatever the pollutant in the body may be, and attacking at a cellular level. And some of the research indicates that zeolite one of the ways it works is with lymphatic tissue, we have lymphatic tissue all throughout our body. We have about six to 700 lymph nodes all throughout the human body. One area where there’s a lot of lymphatic tissue is in the digestive tract. So you know, you hear about those pyres patches and how we absorb nutrients, but it’s also where a lot of immune cells are formed. So when zeolite supports the whole body and works at a cellular level, it’s also supporting potentially good digestive health. There’s some research that it may be supporting brain health, specifically. So when people say, Oh zeolite, that’s for heavy metals. I say, Well, you know, there’s some research that it may be beneficial in regards to those kinds of things. But it’s really a pretty broad spectrum of potential benefit. Because

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it’s going down to a level a platform of general health and physiology, that is not nutrient deficiencies is actually going back to almost like the carbon level of purification and keeping the body almost like a newborn that would be in a in a very pristine area of the world if there was any left. And that had just amazing capacities as far as their whole physical being. And we’ve lost that. So we have to take steps to help that and I didn’t realize that folic acid could help with the glyphosate issue. Because if we don’t do something to help rid our bodies of glyphosate, it is going to be there. There’s no way you can maneuver your way in this life. Without that I don’t care how well you eat. And I tested myself several years ago, and I was I don’t remember. But if it was a report card, it was I got a D. So it wasn’t too

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good. Well, you would be forgiven because you know, even organic foods, unfortunately, show levels of glyphosate, we really can’t escape it no matter how well we eat, or, you know, because contamination is worldwide and widespread, you know, from China, to North America, just all over the world. We’re seeing it being a real issue. And you know, I don’t want to get too far into that part of it. But when you see some of these lawsuits that have been you successfully litigated regarding glyphosate as a disease causing agents, it makes one wonder why there isn’t more makes me wonder, anyway, why there isn’t more organic agriculture and why we’re looked at as the fringe for advocating against using toxic chemicals. I really think, you know, who knows, at some point in the future, how long it will take, but I think we’ll look back on this as a dark period in agriculture, because we have to, we have not identified the clear and present danger right in front of us and being pumped into our food supply, and ergo, our water supply the air even and it’s crazy to me, but I think we’ll we’ll get past it. I just hope it’s sooner than later, before more people have to get sick and suffer. You’re

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so right. I mean, you would think with the so many of the lawsuits that are against glyphosate, they’re found guilty for this and that in this group of people in this disease, there’s not much uproar about it, you don’t see people asking, you know, is this food tested? How do we test ourselves? How about it, doctor? What do you think? Well, there’s no traditional physician knows a clue about glyphosate unless they’ve taken upon themselves to learn. So again, I’m the average person, but I’m also very aggressive toward preventing disease and helping my own health. How would I take zeolite? I know it’s liquid, right? Yeah,

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so our blacker zeolite is a liquid that you consume in water, you can take it under the tongue, you know, like you do with an herbal tincture. But we recommend 12 drops one to five times a day. And because it is a detoxifying agent, it’s very safe. I mean, it’s safe enough to take the full dose, but everyone’s different. And I recommend that folks start off small, go with that one time a day, take those 12 drops, take it in a small amount of water on an empty stomach, and see how you feel, you know, it’s not the kind of thing that’s dangerous. And so you need to be careful, but it is very reactive within the body. So what happens from there, you know, if you are making changes in the body, everyone’s going to respond differently.

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So you could go through some detoxing, if you did too much too soon.

Speaker 1 18:17
Yeah, we hear a lot about that. And I think one of the most important things, to me that’s not on the label with our zeolite is to drink plenty of water. Of course, I tell everyone to drink. You know, in this business, we tell everyone that comes in the door to drink plenty of water, make sure you’re doing the basics, getting enough sleep, you know, exercise, all of these things are not on the label, but they’re inherent in what we’re recommending. But drinking more water in particular, just because anytime you’re trying to get things out of the body, that’s one of the major ways to do it, you know, is taking in enough water.

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I’m a huge fan of those who can do it. dry heat Saunas are an excellent way to further that. But I mean, I am one of those odd people like you may be too and some people are client wise and customer was in our industry also are like this. My daughter 30 minutes ago, came upstairs and said, I took a detoxifying product last night called biocide and dead. And I feel so terrible that I don’t know if I can barely move today. And I’m so happy about it. Because people like me and her. It’s like well, that just prove that it’s a potent product. And I might go down next time but yeah, I got a good one going. So I have not done fulvic in years. One reason is because I was concerned of the sourcing and the heavy metals itself that could be in fulvic acid and or other things that I don’t really want contaminant wise. How do we know that yours is as pure as it can be? Well,

Speaker 1 19:47
one of the things that we have is a single source of humates. So we have a specific it’s essentially a very ancient dry riverbed in the mountains of Vienna. United States and, you know, one of the things that’s really important is doing that third party testing. So we test the material before it’s extracted and put into our formulas. And then we test the finished product. And so, you know, those steps that we take, and it’s a third party laboratory, you know, it’s not. So as you said earlier, we can’t fudge the results, you know, they come from independent scientists to say, This is what your product has, and on, you know, things like led, we’ve been able to get down to as low as point 001. You know, in the natural environment, a lot of times products have heavy metals, and it’s not always bad, you know, arsenic, there’s a big difference between inorganic and organic arsenic. So, there’s some articles about apple juice, just commercial apple juice, organic, whatever you get, they’re gonna have sometimes high levels of arsenic, but it’s organic arsenic that is just coming from the natural environment, not from pollution. But to us, it’s very important to have consistently low levels of heavy metals. Because the you know, first do no harm, we want to make sure that we are helping people reduce their body’s toxic load, not, you know, inadvertently increase that.

Ed Jones 21:29
So reducing toxic load would probably be a, maybe a main headline for what fulvic can do, and also humic acid, because they’re in the same family, right?

Speaker 1 21:40
Yeah, they always occur together in nature, they are related organic acids, if you look at the structure, they have carbon they have fulvic has more oxygen than humic, they both have a lot of hydroxyl groups, hydrogen and oxygen, which is part of the way they interact with different molecules. But, you know, fulvic, in particular, is really good at bringing nutrients into the cells. That’s why it makes such a great fertilizer, it also appears to have an affinity for bringing waste products out of the cells of plants and of living things. So it’s been used in and this is like a lot of nutrients. It’s been used in livestock, nutrition, long before it was, you know, getting much attention in human nutrition. Because you know, the drug industry kind of has a lock on human medicine. But with nutritional supplementation, we have as you know, this kind of middle ground, the supplement arena, you know, where we can support the structure and function of the body. But when you really dive into it, these trace minerals, you know, we’ve been talking about this for a long time in different forms. It’s not just the NPK that they put into big Agras products. You know, if you go back to traditional farming, and you’re doing crop rotation, if you’re composting, you’re going to have a natural array of trace minerals. And they’re going to have if you’re, if you, you know, crop rotation, where util under nutrient rich crops, like they use different ones, alfalfa, whatever you use, you’re putting back into the soil, those nutrients, and you’re also as the plant material breaks down getting some of those organic acids that help chaperone the nutrients into the cells. And then the side benefit, I always say natural, you know, drugs have side effects, nutrients have side benefits. So you’re not only bringing in the nutrition, you’re bringing out the waste products, it’s just part of the way humic and fulvic acid seem to work.

Ed Jones 23:51
So fulvic acid, well, zeolite, you would want to maybe focus a little bit more on purification and detoxifying, and then the and then the fulvic would be more for support, trace minerals, things we actually don’t even get out of your multivitamin out of your nutritional supplements, which are soil based kind of organic carbon levels, nutrients that was in every bit of topsoil, and a million years ago, when every bit of the soil was probably black from being so rich, it was probably that kind of mineral that we that we actually came from that we also need because we’re deficient in that. So again, fulvic you tell me follow there could be more for the person who want well,

Speaker 1 24:35
all of our black earth minerals, you know, have humic fulvic and the seven over 70 trace minerals. So, but because they’re such good chaperones for minerals, we have our black earth phobic, which is just a broad spectrum of humic fulvic trace minerals, but we’ve also combined it with some other minerals in the blacker zeolite. We’ve combined it with zeolite and you mentioned the black her silver, that’s where we’re combining the black earth mineral base that trace mineral broadspectrum, with Nano colloidal silver. And there’s some research that that really interesting thing that occurred in Mongolia, they had these healing lakes, and people would show you a picture of that. They’re just really amazing. And but they have a really dark, you know, black tint to them. And so researchers went and looked at these healing lakes where people had been taking the aged the sick for years to these healing lakes. And they, they looked at what was in the water, and they found naturally occurring nano Colloidal Silver, at about, you know, at least 10 to 20 parts per million. And then also humic acid and fulvic acid. And they further went to these researchers from Mongolia and also from Russia working together and published this in peer reviewed studies, that there was a synergy between the humic acid, the fulvic acid, and the silver. So these natural chaperones, these organic acids, they make great, a great bass a great combination. So you could take silver alone, nothing wrong with that, and you may get anti microbial benefit, you know, we know of some different benefits to taking silver alone. But when you combine it with the black earth minerals, you are getting a broader spectrum benefit, you’re getting trace minerals that you weren’t getting with silver alone, and you’re also potentially getting a broader spectrum of anti microbial activity, not just anti bacterial, but greater anti viral, you know, anti fungal activity, so it really increases the healing potential.

Ed Jones 26:52
I like that. So having the black earth minerals with either Collodial or concentrating it with fulvic is significantly increasing its ability to perform within the body.

Speaker 1 27:04
Yeah, I think that’s right and blacker. zeolite is really the product we lean on for detoxification. And I think it’s no secret, that’s been our most popular product, because people are very concerned, rightfully so about just like you said, you know, heavy metals in the environment, heavy metals, from chemicals from herbicides, pesticides, not popular, always the same. But in pharmaceuticals, you know, I mean, we have a lot of different areas where we can get heavy metal contamination. And it’s not just heavy metals, you know, glyphosate is not necessarily a heavy metal compound. It is not a hidden metal compound. But these are toxic elements that tend to have a positive charge. So that’s why zeolite really, with its, they call it in the research a molecular CU. So it has this honeycomb like structure. And it has an affinity for positively charged ions, which those molecules tend to be things like heavy metals, and also, you know, other kinds of chemical, or synthetic contaminants.

Ed Jones 28:15
So it’s like a sponge, and it’s going to give you almost like, it wouldn’t be exactly but like a third kidney, that you’re going to be able to detoxify to a higher level than you would without it. I was a police officer back a long time ago, and I wore a bulletproof vest. And why did I do that, of course, I did it to protect myself from the injuries of a bullet Well, growing older as I have, I feel very led to do that the same with my lifestyle and also my nutrients. Despite the fact that I eat probably better than 90% of the people certainly not perfect, despite the fact that I take a good array of nutrients of extreme quality and at the right dose and the right this and that, I still feel like sometimes those 70 trace minerals are lacking in my body, which is basically the top soul of food, but because I don’t always eat organic, I have to eat out and this and that. I feel like that I’m going to start using your product after this podcast. In order to do that, I don’t want to use two at one time. So what would be the recommendation on the dosing of that of the of the humic stuff? The fulvic and or the zeolite? Your I told the dosing but on the other one, what would be my dosing? Yeah,

Speaker 1 29:29
it’s interesting. We have a lot of practitioner customers and and also consultants, we have, you know, natural medical consultants and some great folks that one thing that’s been recommended is to do the blacker zeolite for a course of however long it takes, you know, to go through the 3060 days and then to transition to the black earth phobic. So we actually looked at at kind of pairing those two together, but you know, I think it’s really just by recommendation at this point that if you’ve not been taking the black earth minerals, I would recommend starting with the zeolite, potentially going through a bottle of that. And then switching to the black earth fulvic, which has no zeolite, but does have the humic, the fulvic and the trace minerals because, and I tried to eat, you know, I don’t want to discount the food here, you know, a lot of super foods are rich and trace minerals, seaweeds, you know, if you eat any kind of seaweed, I used to, I still do, to some extent put seaweed in my food when I’m cooking, you know, to add minerals in particular iodine, you know, and there are lots of other ways to get trace minerals, and we should try to incorporate those into the diet. But you know, it’s where a supplement is necessary. Because as we’re saying, back in ancient times, all you had to do was grow the food, you didn’t have to think about it, it was naturally mineral rich. And because we’re living in a topsoil depleted condition, you know, we’re not getting a regular everyday dose of those trace minerals. And you know, there’s no US RDA for most of those nutrients. And they’re at such a micro level, you know, some of them are called Ultra trace minerals, because you’re not talking even perhaps parts per million, some of them may be less than one part per million. But there has always been there throughout history when you drink from a mountain stream. You know, they just they never went away, they were cycled through, you know, the lifecycle in nature. And they’ve always been there until recently. And this is part of one of those things with the modern age as we’ve gone to, you know, chemical agriculture, what are we losing? Well, we don’t really know where we are the living experiment in human society of what happens when you take away these cofactors, these micro factors. And you look at something like the forest as an ecosystem, and you take away, you know, the fungi, or you take away the mycelium, you take away the good bacteria of the forest, right, you disturb, you know, the macro biome, and things go out of whack, there’s, there’s things going wrong, because that balance is very complicated and need all the parts to work together. But when we start isolating and synthesizing, and really going away from a natural balance, I think that’s where you start to see a need to get back to, you know, where we came from. And so if we evolved alongside a broad spectrum of trace minerals, and you know, with humic, and fulvic acid there, I think it makes a great case that these are good things to use to restore balance.

Ed Jones 32:54
And one of the few types of products that actually have the ability to probably do that, I go back to the, again, ancient wisdom and these talked about balance of nature. We came from an environment 10s of hundreds of 1000s of years ago, when Nothing’s ever perfect, but it was far more harmonious ecosystems were very well balanced, because there wasn’t other than maybe atmospheric conditions at times, there wasn’t any real toxicity within the earth that would have affected that. And we were built from that era, not from this era, we cannot evolve through, it will take us so long to evolve through what’s happened in the past 70 years that, you know, many of our generations, it would take 100 generations probably so for people to learn more about this, what would be good information site, your website or anything else.

Speaker 1 33:45
Well, I do have a blog, botanical And also do a podcast like you mentioned that whole earth radio, but I think your program here is a great example of just all across the country, there are folks like yourself, who run independent health food stores, and are thankfully getting, you know, taking to the virtual airwaves here and talking about this stuff. And I really talk to more people than ever, you know, in our age group and younger that are listening to podcast and I just find it very encouraging because I welcome the discussion. You know, you can do your own research, you know, you can look at stuff online. I’m constantly on PubMed, you know, looking up studies on zeolite and fulvic acid and pulling out things like what we talked about earlier, the lymphatic system, and we incorporate those into our trainings that we do in the health food stores. I really look at the stores as the front line of defense. You know, it’s funny, you talked about that bulletproof vest and thank you for your service and law enforcement. I really look at the health food store, as if there was a bulletproof vest I think and gets your local health food store. Because, you know, I’m just one of many who had my life changed because these were things I wasn’t hearing in public school, even from my parents, we’re not being told about nutrition, you know, just drink that processed food or eat that processed food, and that’s fine. That’s what everybody does. So it must be fine. You know, and I think we’re at a point where we’re saying, everything is not fine. You know, we’re not extremist or alarmist. But you know, let’s use common sense and try to get back to basics. And back to a natural balance. And I don’t think that’s too crazy, you know, but, you know, if you take it in context, and you look at what the body requires, that’s all we’re really talking about, you know, it’s nothing new. In fact, same old story in natural medicine, you know, what’s what’s old is new again, they think

Ed Jones 35:55
it’s so well spoken, thank you. And I do believe we are somewhat heroes on the front line in our industry, because we speak against the grain, the traditional methods are Pooh poohing us and putting us down for many, many decades. But they can’t do that too much anymore. Because, again, places like PubMed are verifying so much of what we have talked about with our passion for so many decades about the value of lifestyle, if a certain nutrient of this and that we didn’t have that 30 years ago, or 20, we have it now to stand back and say, Look, if you think that we’re blowing smoke over here, guess what we’re not right, here’s some good solid research. And I’m just value people like you and I and I, my daughter is younger. And so she’ll be carrying on this tradition with the same philosophy that our body will and can heal itself, if we give it what it needs and take away what’s harming it. And products like yours, the the fulvic and humic. And, and all these, that’s the whole principle is helping to support the body’s own innate systems, but at the same time helping to rid it of some of the disaster chemicals that we just are prone to have in this life. So thank you, Rob, so much for your information. You know, we I think that many of us like you and I, and it’s not by any means bragging, I think we have we have a PhD in life, and life health and life experience. Because I’ve seen over you know, 10s of 1000s of people I’ve studied intimately for 40 years, you don’t have to learn everything in a medical school, because that’s a very narrow view of health to begin with. And so I know I fly small airplanes, and always remember a story in the 19. Someone told me back in the 40s and 50s, that in Alaska, which is one of the most treacherous places to fly small airplanes, that something like 30 40% of the pilots didn’t even have a license. Why didn’t have a license because grandpa taught them and pop taught them. They were some of the best pilots that were ever flying. Why? Because they flew a lot in very treacherous places. And they learn from experience, learn from experience, people like you and I can learn from experience far more than you can if you’re if you’re trapped into a certain medical model or learning model. So I just went off on a tangent to make us heroes. Thank you, Rob. But I appreciate you hanging out with us today. And we will. I’m going to be using your product starting within the next hour or two. So I will be the first guinea pig.

Speaker 1 38:21
Well, thank you and I appreciate it. We’ll send you some more and I really appreciate your time today. And thanks so much for everything you’re doing.

Ed Jones 38:29
All right, my friend You take care. All right. Bye bye

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