The Importance of Electrolyte Balance

Electrolytes are essential minerals that carry an electric charge and play a crucial role in various physiological functions within the human body. These minerals include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and bicarbonate.

As you likely know, we’re big advocates of supplying your body with what it needs, but not at the expense of filling with garbage. Many “sports drinks” are filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other unwanted ingredients. We have much healthier options that include sea salt and other NATURAL electrolyte sources.

Maintaining an appropriate balance of electrolytes is crucial for overall health, and imbalances can lead to various health issues, such as muscle cramps, weakness, and even irregular heartbeat. Learn more about what we offer and exactly how you can keep your body hydrated and feeling well without compromise.

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Hey everyone. So today’s topic is going to be on electrolytes. Simply put, electrolytes are the chemical messengers for our body, they literally have the ability to conduct electricity. So that may sound kind of odd because you’re thinking of electricity within our body. But that is actually the way these minerals are working. So for 2020 form, my goal is to really help people reach higher levels of energy. And one of those ways is through protein. Another way is to really make sure you’re staying hydrated. People talk a lot about hydration. And so we may think, Oh, I’m going to get in more water, I’m going to drink clean water, I’m going to make sure I don’t do you know, plastic bottled water, I’m going to have filtered water. Absolutely all those things are very true. If I was to just touch a little bit on water filtration, my brand of choice is pro one. And making sure it does remove fluoride. So the less toxins in our water, the better we are going to hydrate. Because if you think about when you’re hydrating, and you have chemicals in your water, well, you’re kind of not giving yourself the exact right way of hydration, because yeah, you’re getting the water in, but then you’re also having to detoxify out the chemicals. So obviously clean water, I love to get at least half of my body weight in ounces of water a day, at least if I’ve been active, or it’s been hot outside or sweating, even up to nearly my full body weight in ounces of water a day. So you know, just be diligent with your water. However, I want to say it’s not just water that’s going to hydrate you, it actually requires electrolytes to truly get that water into the cell. So all that matters is is that our cells are hydrated. If we just have extracellular water and we have water that’s floating around our body, that’s okay, that’s going to happen. We have an actually a body fat machine that we often check our customers and clients on. And we do see that there’s extracellular water because there’s going to be, but what really matters for our hydration and our energy levels is the intracellular water. So how well is that water being transported in and out of the cells. When that happens, then the cells are able to detox out better, the cells are able to uptake nutrients better, it’s just the perfect entire working system for our body. So what’s vital is to get electrolytes in I prefer electrolytes that are sourced from sea salt, because sea salt naturally has 70 Plus minerals, trace minerals and all the minerals that are are very necessary for our body. Our food system doesn’t really have all the minerals that it used to have because our soils are depleted. Our produce and our vegetables are picked too early. So they didn’t really yield all the mineral content they used to. And we don’t always eat fresh foods. And so people are eating processed foods that don’t contain any minerals. So with all that being said, that is why it is so vital that you get in a good electrolyte formula every day. So even if I’m not sweating, I get electrolytes in this has been a game changer for me as a working mom and a busy person to feel different throughout my day. So first of all, I think they’re delicious. So there’s no no worries and what this is going to taste like. The product of choice that I have here is the relight Redman sea salt hydration. So I’m so thankful that Redmond sea salt came out with a hydration formula, because they took their amazing sea salt and they added flavors to it. And then they added they have it in the right ratio of sodium and potassium that is really going to make those cells accept it and accept that hydration. So what you’re really looking for is always about a two to one ratio of sodium potassium. So sodium is 810. And potassium is 400. So exactly that two to one ratio, that is where it’s really going to be the sweet spot for hydration. And so I do two scoops of this a day like one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I absolutely feel a difference with being able to show up in all avenues of my life. And you know, a few more benefits that I’ll get into here with electrolytes is that actually regulates acidity within the body. So there are places in our body that need to be a little bit more acidic. In places that need to be a little bit more alkaline people obsess over alkalinity a little bit, which there is some truth in that but at the same time, we actually need some areas of our body to be acidic, we need our acid to be produced in order to break down food, we would never not want to have acid acid stops pathogens from going down our throat and to our stomach stops stomach bugs from going down. That’s how some people can catch one and others can’t sometimes. So there’s definitely a need for acidity in certain places. But this balances out the body for assisting in those places to stay acidic that need it but then places that want a little bit more alkalinity to also be able to have that through the minerals that are on here. They this can rebuild damaged tissue allows for muscles to respond better. And the way that I mentioned protein is one of those ways for the muscles to respond better. Electrolytes are absolutely one of those ways. So for people that may be clearancing extra fatigue after a workout, less recover or a kind of a need for more recovery. They’re feeling like after a workout they can’t bounce back and do on the next day or the day after, I would give electrolytes to try and see if we could get those muscles to recover a little bit better. And then proper heart function. And obviously, I’m not being a doctor here, and I’m not trying to treat or diagnose. So if you’re on heart medication, I’m not saying anything that this is going to over Trump that but I am saying that the heart in order to pump efficiently actually really requires this sodium and potassium level in order to do that. So I just urge you to look a little bit more into electrolytes into your life, maybe incorporate at least one scoop a day for me like I said, the sweet spot is to and I hope these are some tips that can help you show up a little bit better for 2024 and so that you can reach all the dreams and all the plans and all the visions and all the things that you are hoping to do in 2024 with more energy.

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