Two Important Factors of Fitness

Fitness can be a transformative journey phsically and emotionally There’s a wide variety of opinions on the types of exercise you should be doing and how you should be doing them, but in the end there are really a couple factors that matter most for your health span.

In this week’s episode, Ed breaks down the two components that Dr. Peter Attia outlines in his book Outlive as the most important to fitness as we age. Click the links below to listen in and learn more. Your journey to peak fitness begins now – unlock your potential and redefine what’s possible!

Let’s talk fitness. You know, fitness is a big word, what does it actually mean to you? Well, I’ll tell you what it means to me fitness is putting together a plan that one is hopefully I can look better physically, I got an ego going on just as all people do and always have, I want to look my best. Secondly, fitness also means to me, improving the chances of my optimal health so that I can live longer, or at least live with a better health span. You know, the words lifespan, and health span are important to me. Lifespan used to sound like it was something I wanted. But once we start seeing so many people who are aged, or even, not even aged, but falling apart with frailty, we start realizing they don’t have what I call healthspan quality of life, the ability to hold their grandchildren and to do their chores every day and actually get around and have a hobby because they don’t have energy. They have too many medical issues. They’re on too many medications, and no one’s throwing them a life vest within that conversation. So fitness is one of the ultimate keys to your length of life and your quality of life. But everybody talks about that. So what do we do we walk around the block every day. We do yoga, do we do calisthenics? Do we do aerobics? Do we do weight training? Dr. Peter t his book out live has defined it as well as anything written as far as medically connecting the studies of what does it take to lessen mortality in regard to fitness? Two things. You have to have a good vo two max. And you have to have strength. The O to max is the ability of the lungs to actually exchange oxygen. And we will lesson with that I don’t care if you’re an Olympic athlete and you still train every years after about 50 years old, you start the decline of vO to it is just some of the ravages of Father Time. But we can battle back we can do things with a plan that really slows that down. And instead of you falling apart at 60 ish, you’ll fall apart and maybe 85 ish. That sounds pretty good to me. Or even if you’re 85 and you’re hanging in there, maybe you’ll be 95. Before that it’s never too late to start a plan. Well, VO two Max comes from doing something that makes you breathe very heavily in short burst, some people call it hit trainings, interval training, whatever, I do it on a rowing machine. I will roll one minute modest. And then I’ll roll very fast for a minute, one minute modest, very fast a minute. And the best thing is to do this about 10 to 15 minutes, one to two times a week. This is not every day that will build out vo two Max. Okay. Secondly, how do we build the strength, I’m sorry to say is going to come from one single method, weight training. Whether you like it or you don’t like it, weight training is the only way to push these muscles into a place where they overcompensate against a weakening of our age and compensate back into a more youthful place. And doing high reps doesn’t really work, you really have to kind of maneuver that muscle to his better place with heavier weights. And if you’re not sure how to train with heavy weights, there are some really good personal trainers, there’s also some that are not you have to find the right ones like all things in life and go to a gym. Most likely that’s the best place many gyms in Chattanooga, and four days a week you’re going to do I suggest maybe half your body part on one day, the other half on the second then you go back and do the same thing. When you’re gonna shoot between seven and about 12 reps. If you’re doing 20 reps you’re you’re going to work for tone is not going to build the muscle strength. Because muscle strength and VO two Max are the two determining factors of how your healthspan will be as you age. Dr. Tia talks about something called the centenarian decathlon, putting a plan together about 45 years old that will allow you to age gracefully not be frail. That’s the biggest thing. How do we stay 6070 and 80 and still do our grocery shopping and carry our grandkids and go have fun with hobbies. You do that through a plan one person out of about maybe 8000 have perfect genetics, and they can be 80 years old and act like they’re 40 Don’t count on that because those are pretty low odds Vegas has better odds than that at the roulette table. So talking about a plan B Oh to max plans, do something one to two times a week. Secondly, wait train four days a week and add anything else you want in there but you gotta wait train the four days a week. And then lastly, make sure your protein is adequate. I’ve done other podcasts on that. But do Don’t miss your level of protein, whether it be from food or supplements. And for those who really want to get on the next level creatine is extremely safe, it makes you stronger and makes you have more endurance not only in the gym, and stamina, but in life, you’re cutting the grass with creatine in your body or cutting it without you can tell a difference, you will not be as fatigued and you will recover quicker. And even people who are not weight training, I recommend everyone over 50 to be doing one little scoop five grams a day of creatine mixed in whatever liquid you want. We’ll take it the rest of my life because I can see differences in that totally safe, easy on the body, not very expensive, and has all the winning components to that. So always know Nutrition Wellness here as your partner and your journey to not just health but optimal health. And feel free to contact us through email. And I encourage you to try to be a learner. Because I say this often I separate the world into two classes of people learners and non learners. And I’m sorry to say Father Time is going to devastate the non learners because we all have to have a personalized plan. We are not an audible bill. We don’t have one single system that works for everyone. One person needs to do this and another one may need to tweak it and do that. But we are here to help you through that maze of sometimes very confusing information. Certainly not here to treat your medical condition. But we have coaches we have a lot of plans. We have nutrition that has so many articles and information on how you can empower yourself all the blessings to you and your future. Thank you.

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