Our New, Delicious Veganic (Beyond Organic) Cereal!

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Since nowadays, organic has gone mainstream and is stocked by your local Walmart, it is important to know what organic really means. Does the word “organic” really mean that it was grown with integrity and that it is going to be providing more nutrients to support your health?  We hope so, but in the age where everything is mass produced, it is not likely that nutrient-depleted soils can continue to produce the same quality of organic that we expect.  The way in which organic foods are cultivated has a lot to do with the amount of health-giving nutrients in the food.

At Nutrition World, we act as the “gatekeepers” to only allow foods and supplements in our store that support our high VeganicSproutedAncientGrainFlakesUSA_web_prod_mstandards for utmost quality, efficacy, and safety. We ran across the sprouted grain company, One Degree Organic Foods, and knew they went “beyond” the organic standard.  They take the organic farming process a step further and only cultivate crops using vegan, organic methods that have minimal amounts of harm to the environment. This is known as veganic farming, and the result is more nutrient-rich food.

One Degree Organic Foods believes in the utmost transparency and integrity in their farming methods and wants you to meet their veganic farmers from all over the world. Their farmers labor on farms passed down over generations, on fields the ancients planted, amid verdant tropical hills, in the mountains, and beneath volcanoes. You can view one of their farms located in Maple Creek Saskatchewan below. What is also amazing is that the each product has a QR code on them, so you can scan them with your smartphone and they will tell you all about the source of their ingredients!  No other company has shown such transparency to the public with what is going into their products.  You can scan the QR codes on your mobile device or download the iPhone One Degree app here, to start tracking the ingredients found in One Degree Organic Foods products.

One Degree Organic Foods meets our standards for beyond organic cultivation methods and we know it will meet your high standards too.  Come in and try a box of this delicious veganic sprouted cereals. We know you will not be disappointed.

Schmidt Farms – Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. View More One Degree Farms.

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