How to Detox & Why It’s More Important Than You Think

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When I say detox, what comes to mind? Some of you might be cringing right now. That’s okay. We’re here to break it down and tell you about how it’s so much more than going to the bathroom. First, let’s define detox, and then we’ll go from there.

The dictionary defines detox as a process in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Sounds like a pretty important process, right? I’d say so and my clients would agree. For over 4 decades, I have counseled people on detoxing for the betterment of their health. And for over 4 decades, I’ve seen my clients meet their health goals by detoxing. Yet still, there are potential caveats and concerns when considering detox protocols.

Take the studies on umbilical cord blood for example. These studies show the potential serious concerns of toxins in our daily life. Not that long ago, scientists believed that the placenta shielded cord blood (and the developing baby) from most chemicals and pollutants in the environment. In a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) two major laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals in umbilical cord blood. The blood harbored pesticides, consumer product ingredients, skincare products, and wastes from gasoline and garbage. This information illustrates and should motivate people towards the clear need for detoxification. The first step in assisting anyone with their health is making sure they understand and believe in the process itself. Many traditional practitioners often do not use detoxification as part of their toolbox. This makes education a top priority in order for success.

How Detox Works in the Body

There are three phases to most detoxifications within the human body.

  • Phase 1: Enzymatic Transformation. This process assists in transforming lipid-soluble toxins into more water-soluble. Lipid-soluble is far more difficult to remove. Carried out by the cytochrome P450 system in the liver, the P-450 system can be sluggish in a large percentage of the population. Both nutritional changes and botanical therapy offer safe options to assist.
  • Phase 2: Enzymatic Conjugation. This system further increases water solubility. And it relies on glutathione and similar molecules for effectiveness.
  • Phase 3: Transport. The purpose is to excrete water-soluble compounds from the cell. This process is carried out by ATP transporters. Again, nutritional and botanical options reinforce this system for optimal detox.

Detoxification of every living organism has been studied. And its biochemistry illustrates its varied mechanisms of action. The mere fact that nature placed detox pathways within all living creatures confirms its vital importance to the continuation of life.

Toxins cover the gamut of potential damages to the cells of the body. Hormone disruptors. Heavy metals’ devastation to the body and brain. Mold toxicity to the immune system. Pesticides and fungicides carcinogenic effects. The world we live in contains far more of these toxins than in earlier days. Even in the best situations where we embrace organic foods and a clean lifestyle we continue to be exposed to toxins. From vaccines to mold in the workplace or home. Pharmaceuticals to water. Skincare products to suntan lotions. The chemical Roundup (found in almost all foods). The body has only so much capacity within its system of detox. And these days the body is often at or beyond capacity in many individuals. In this case, healing is inhibited. So we must reinforce our detox systems to achieve and regain our health.

Looking for safe skincare options? We got you!

It’s More Than Going to the Bathroom

When counseling individuals about detox, remember what their perception of “detox” may be. The majority of individuals think of going to the bathroom. Regularity does have a place in lessening toxins. But I am more concerned with cellular detox for most of my clients. Yes, I always address regularity and the need to work towards regular bowel movements. But too many “natural” cleansers are nothing more than hidden laxatives. Ingredients such as aloe, cascara, chinese rhubarb, and senna are often addictive. And they are only cleansing what was eaten over the past few days and not detoxing on a cellular level. In my podcast, I have nearly 100 episodes on the topic of natural health. One of the most listened to episodes is the one on constipation! I offer information for anyone seeking safe options for reestablishing healthy regularity.

Natural Detox Options

Listed below are the nutraceutical and botanical options for setting up a detox plan. These are the most effective choices for assisting the body in reducing toxins (including mold).

I have 3 methods of supplementation with natural remedies that increase the process of optimal cleansing. No single ingredient accomplishes this goal which is why there are three options. These options consist of proven safe remedies for lessening toxins, allowing health to flourish again. The level of toxicity will determine which Detox Bundle to use. Some individuals will only buy one bundle. Others may find the need to go through all three with some breaks between.

  • Standard American Detox Bundle One. This program utilizes 3 products. The cleanse is normally done in a 4 to 8-week program. The products have a track record of safety and effectiveness yet are gentle to the user.
  • Digestive Detox Bundle Two. The ingredients in this bundle are formulated to free up the toxins and assist the colon in detox. Nothing in this bundle is laxative and is non-addictive. This bundle may be chosen by those who have a history of sluggish elimination.
  • Guided Detox Bundle Three. CellCore is one of the most effective products to open up the detox pathways in our body. Toxins are many times bound to our fatty cells. And regardless of healthy eating, they are rarely released for excretion. This detox bundle consists of 3 powerful natural products. And they are very effective in accomplishing the goal of detox. We recommend very toxic individuals find a health care practitioner to guide them during this cleanse. If you buy Bundle 3, Nutrition World certified coaches will do a 15-minute phone or skype consultation for FREE!

We recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before using any products if you have a health condition.

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Navigating Detox in Your Life

There are many benefits of cleaning up your daily lifestyle choices. Common sense indicates that the first step in detox is to lessen the amount of toxic exposure. The regulations in other countries do not allow many of the skincare products and pesticides used in this country due to their potential toxic dangers. Learning how to navigate these choices is far easier today than in the past. I recommend the website and app They evaluate the safety and risk of so many products and the format is very easy to navigate.

If one becomes too aggressive with internal cleansing it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms such as headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, general malaise, sweating, or nausea. This requires cutting back or taking a short break from cleansing to allow the body to normalize. All toxins must be freed up from fatty cells. When that occurs too fast it significantly overloads the body’s capacity.

Also, remember the importance of wise supplementation. And embracing lifestyle advice to optimize the process. Things such as adequate fluid consumption, dry skin brushing, sauna therapy, and intermittent fasting. These things should be included for optimal results.

For additional information on the nutrients that will help you upregulate your ability to process and detoxify yourself, read this article.

Don’t let anyone convince you we are doomed to poor health. Find hope in the fact our body contains a pharmacy within that we can access with knowledge and wisdom. Trust your body to heal! First, we must open this magic power within by removing the obstacles to health.

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Chemical analyses of 10 umbilical cord blood samples conducted by AXYS Analytical Services (Sydney, BC) and Flett Research Ltd. (Winnipeg, MB).


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