How to Lose Weight: “Quarantine 15” Edition

weight loss

How has quarantine affected you? Whether emotional or physical, quarantine has left many people feeling a bit off. In the physical aspect, one of the most common complaints I’ve heard relates to unwanted weight gain. Or a feeling of increased flabbiness in the body. If this applies to you, know you’re not alone.   I…

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What Is Protein & How Much Do I Need?

woman making protein shakeu

Do you know how much protein you eat every day? Do you know if you are eating the right amount to optimize your health and meet your goals? Most people know they need protein. But, many have no idea what amount they actually need. Some people think the more, the better. Others think as long…

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Want to Achieve Maximum Results in the Gym? Watch this Video for Matt Davis’ 3 Secrets to Superior Performance.

Matt Davis Superior Performance

We had a completely packed house when Matt Davis spoke recently on fitness, health and how to achieve maximum results in the gym. Obviously, the need for accurate honest information within the Chattanooga community is desperately lacking. Matt is an IFBB pro bodybuilder who has researched the safe, effective and health building ways to become…

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