Our Favorite Apps That Show You How to Find Carcinogen Free Skincare

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Carcinogen free skincare products. Is it possible to find them?

There are a few facts about the skincare industry that may be quite eye opening.

Did you know that in Europe there are 1,300 banned chemicals from skincare and makeup, while in the US there are only 11 banned chemicals?

In addition, 595 cosmetic companies have reported using over 288 chemicals that have been linked to using endocrine disrupting agents and known carcinogens. 

This is simply not okay. 

Think about this. On a day-to-day basis we typically don’t eat the same food. We don’t eat the same salad everyday. It’s not the same grilled chicken. We don’t eat the same veggies or snacks. 

But if there is one thing we do every single day, sometimes even twice a day, it’s our skincare routine. 

For many women, and even some men, we wake up and wash our face and apply our moisturizer. Then as bedtime rolls around, we wash our face and again apply that same moisturizer. This means if we use products from a company who may not have been the most ethical in their choices, we have given ourselves multiple opportunities to be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.  

Let’s visualize this

Picture a bucket. If we fill that bucket with a little toxin from our toothpaste here, a little toxin from our deodorant there, a little toxin from our shampoo here. You get the picture. At what point will our bucket become full and a symptom appear? 

This concept is called your toxic burden. And many of us have way too heavy of a load.

I want to help you feel confident that a few simple steps can help you decrease your toxic burden. It can even help you find carcinogen free skincare products.

How do I know if my skincare products are toxic?

So in order to empower you with knowledge to begin making your switch I want you to know about two great resources. The first is the app called Skin Deep. It is by the Environmental Working Group. The second is the Think Dirty app. Both of these apps allow you to scan the barcode or type in the product that you are using. From this point you will be able to see a breakdown of every ingredient’s safety rating and sourcing. This will give you a good rating system to see what the most toxic items you may be using. Keep in mind that nothing is perfect. From this point I would ask yourself to begin with one item to switch. I would challenge you to make it either the item you use most often or the item that was rated the most toxic. 

I do know that most of us fell in love with a product and became brand loyal because we saw that it worked and we liked the results. So, even though it may take a few tries once you land on the toxin free switches that truly perform you will be in love! 

Cady’s Recommended Carcinogen Free Skincare Brand

If I was to give one brand suggestion it would be Evanhealy. This company is truly a stand up company. The owner of this skincare and beauty line, is so particular with every single ingredient that goes into her products. To me, she has truly created nature’s anti-aging skincare line. Her philosophy is based upon the idea that we have something on our skin that naturally occurs  called our acid mantle. This, simply stated, is our own body’s natural oils. 

When we use products that have harsh chemicals we pull our own natural oils and then we are forced to replace them with synthetic ones. Evan’s idea is that if we are able to gently cleanse our own oils, then use a hydrosaul (similar to toner but less drying) plus nature’s serum we are able to nourish our own body’s oils rather than strip them away. This concept is the basis of her line and is what allows for it to simply be so effective. I love her 14 day trial kit that included several of the products I mentioned above. This is a great way to try out the products and see if they work for you. They also have incredibly clean and high quality makeup that is worth trying. 

Want to read more about Evan Healy? Here’s our full article here.

One More Skincare Product to Consider: Sunscreen

Let’s finish this toxin free education on the importance of looking for a toxin free sunscreen and exactly what that means. The goal of sunscreen is very obvious. We want to block the sun’s rays from absorbing into our skin. So, there are two ways to do this through either the use of chemicals that turn the UV rays into heat and the rays leave the skin or through a physical barrier like zinc oxide that blocks both UVA and UVB. 

As stated, a chemical sunscreen is just what it is: chemicals. These chemicals are oftentimes extremely harmful and not only are they applied every few hours while in the sun or at the beach, these are often sprayed so they are inhaled into the lungs. 

Now let’s move over to the carcinogen free skincare option, the physical barrier sunscreen with non-nano particle zinc oxide. The importance of non-nano particles is to keep the particle sizes larger than your own cells so that your endocrine system doesn’t accept this foreign substance as its own. My absolute favorite brand is Badger. They do their most phenomenal job of creating pure sunscreen that works effectively. They now have a variety within their line that includes a baby sunscreen, clear zinc oxide, sports zinc oxide and a beautifully tinted one. This is a must have line for summer. My secret for applying this to my family, and especially on my little boy’s face is to use a makeup brush and it quickly will rub right in!

Collagen a skincare product? Read more here to the right type for you.

Want to Learn More About Toxin Free Living?

For more toxin free tips, I would love to guide you through my Facebook group community, Earth Conscious Mama or you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with me here

You can also listen to more of this conversation on toxin free skincare below.




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