Tropical Sunrise Muffins with Balanced Greens


Muffins are delectable little treats that are typically packed with sugar and offer little nutritional value. Delicious, yes, but healthy? Not really. Our friends at Balanced Greens decided to change that.

They hired a professional chef to put together recipes that not only taste incredible, but also lead you to better health. We decided to whip up their Tropical Sunrise Muffin recipe features their Total Health Pineapple Coconut Greens for a perfect snack. Their greens powder includes organic ingredients like barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa, rosehips, beet root, spinach, and kelp. They even throw in some probiotics.

To learn more about Balanced Greens, you can go here.


6 Scoops Total Health Pineapple Coconut
2 Cups Flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
2 Large Eggs
1 Stick Unsalted Butter
3 Large Ripe Bananas
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 Cup Organic Applesauce

Preheat oven to 350°.
In one bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients together (Total Health, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cinnamon, Baking Powder)
Mash bananas and melt butter. In a separate bowl, combine bananas, butter, eggs, and vanilla.
Mix both bowls together.
Fold in applesauce.
Use a large spoon to evenly distribute mix into muffin tins.
Bake for 25 minutes

Cady Kuhlman  00:00

Hi, and welcome back to my kitchen. I hope you guys are able to catch my other video that we did here in my house. My baby and I welcome you into our home. So today I'm actually going to do something that I've only made a couple of times, but I've been really impressed both times that I've made it. And the specific reason I made it is because I have a toddler and sometimes those toddlers don't want to eat their vegetables or go through that little picky phase. And I wanted to figure out a way to get in some greens and vegetables that maybe he wasn't going to know were in there. And so that's kind of what this recipe does for my family. It allows for more greens and more nutrients. So it's a tropical sunrise muffin is the name of it. Delicious, really, really good. And so what I'll be using is is the Balanced Greens Total Health superfood blend. This is actually the greens that I use myself. When I do a superfood smoothie in the morning if I haven't made these muffins, or if I just want to get my daily greens in. I still eat greens but if I want to get a serving and it's already been, you know, organic prepackaged kind of situation that I know I'm getting all these dense, dense superfoods in this is actually my go to greens and the reason is is because the formula is very simple. So the formula is barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa, rose hips which is one of the most naturally highest occuring sources of vitamin C. Orange Peel which is a bitter so it helps break down the herbs that are the greens that you're taking in. Lemon peel is also a bitter so it helps with digestion. Nutritional yeast, which is high in B vitamins, beetroot, spinach, kelp, and then this is the magic behind this it is absolutely delicious for a greens powder. And keep in mind it still has all the green nutrients, you're still gonna have a little bit of that green, but it's pineapple coconut flavored and it's from an organic pina colada, organic stevia and it's honestly just delicious. So I've mixed it with water a lot of times if I haven't made these muffins, so let's get going on the recipe. I've got to pull up my phone here so that I, I make sure I get it. All right, so we're gonna do all the dry ingredients first. So let's start with the flour. So this is the flower that my family uses its cup for cup. It's a multi purpose gluten free flour. I'm not fully gluten free, but I do if I'm going to bake and I'm going to eat a larger quantity of gluten I kind of like to go for a gluten free option so two cups. Open this backup. So we're going to do two cups of the flour. We are going to do and we had this measure down over here. We're gonna do one teaspoon of baking powder and pour that in. We're gonna do the sugar. We always use coconut sugar in my family so we're not big on the cane sugar. coconut sugar is a little less glycaemic so it's going to impact your blood sugar a little bit less. And then we love the kind of like almost brown sugar tastes that coconut sugar provides. This recipe calls for one cup, I always do a little less sugar, so maybe around three fourths. Just love to make things not quite as sweet. Okay, one, three fourths. Like I said, let's do the teaspoon of salt. My favorite salt is Redmond Real Salt. It's got all those minerals inside of it. So I love that. So one teaspoon.  Let's do the cinnamon. And then I think we got everything. Yeah, we did. Oh, gotta add the greens powder. That would be bad. Okay, so the cinnamon we need to add a teaspoon. So I'm gonna open this up real quick. So a lot of cinnamon, a lot of good sentiment inside of a muffin. There we go. So here's all my dry ingredients. And then I'm going to mix in the last thing that's going to give it some color. So like I said, all those green spirulina is and barley grass and all that's going to actually make the muffins look green, which may kind of blow your mind and you probably never had green muffins. So we are going to do I generally do a little bit more because I'm trying to get this in for my my son, so make sure he's eating those greens. So it's actually six scoops. And it has a little bit of probiotics in there as well. So for people that are kind of wondering about that. Okay, now I'm going to match the bananas. So, in an ideal world, these bananas would be a little bit more ripe, but this was, this is what we have and I have made the recipe like this before when I've not been as ripe and they still turned out great. So I'm gonna mash all these together. Anyone that's made banana bread before is probably familiar with this mashing of bananas that needs to go on. And I already have my oven preset to 350. So that was something I did before we got on the video here. That's good. Okay, so we're gonna go now I'm going to bring my butter over, I've melted down on the stove. We don't use a microwave in our house. So we do all things from the oven. So I'm going to go and do all the liquid ingredients out of the way. So we're going to do the butter. That was one stick of unsalted butter. Okay. And then we're going to do the bananas in. We're going to do the eggs, we're going to do vanilla. So let's do the vanilla. First one teaspoon. Love. Good vanilla extract. There we go. We're gonna add the bananas. Bananas, butter and vanilla extract. Yummy. I gotta get the eggs out of the fridge. Ready two eggs. There we go. Okay, so of all those ingredients, the last remaining one applesauce. So love what applesauce does for the texture of muffins. I don't know if anyone's used them before. But applesauce just provides like this really moistness without adding any fats or without adding any added sugars because it's just the sugar that's going to be within the apple. So let me get the quantity here of applesauce. Half a cup. So we're actually going to mix this first, and then we add we fold in applesauce. So I'm currently mixing up the bananas, the vanilla and the eggs. Perfect, so you can kind of see still got the chunky bananas in there, but it's going to be perfect. There's that. Let me make sure I mix evenly. All of my dry ingredients. You can see that balanced greens, delicious pineapple coconut greens going in there. Look at that cool color is different than what most muffins would look like. All right, I feel good about that. So we're going to start adding the dry into the wet stop and stir for a second. Smells so good. I will say as well. So my two year old, he'll actually drink that greens if I'm mixing it with a little bit of coconut water. So that's kind of my my other tip. If we're vacationing or we're somewhere that greens are hard to find that's a good way to get them in. It's always a little tedious. It's always a little tedious to mix up dry with with wet ingredients because you don't want to over mix. But you also want to go kind of slow with it. So this looks a little dry. It's because we haven't added the applesauce yet. And it's going to be the the key factor here. Our last little bit then we'll add sauce. So Balanced Greens actually has a chef on their staff that is coming up with these delicious recipes. So this is a thank you to him for coming up with this. So this is a tried and true recipe not something that I just threw together. But some thing that their chef came up with. Right? So I feel good about that. Now we are going to mix the applesauce in and that was a half a cup. Let's do that. Perfect. Oh, that was the third cup. So we need a little bit more. But I had a half cut measure there. Alright. Perfect. So just fold that right in. And I'll show you here what it all looks like. I want to see any powder. got those trucks of bananas. Perfect. And I fold it in the applesauce. So it looks a little different than most muffins, right. But I promise if you could taste this and hopefully you will because you'll make it be very impressed. So go over here coconut oil spray. That's my go to for any kind of muffin. I'm going over here already, we're gonna fill up so yummy. So we've got greens, we've got fruits, bananas and apples. Got a couple eggs. Got the healthy butter. Huge fan of butter. Such a healthy saturated fat. We've got that coconut sugar that I mentioned which is my family's go to we've never used cane sugar so always swapping out anytime anytime. So sugar that's my go to I know a lot of people that love to cook with stevia and monk fruits and I do a little bit of that but I think to get the most real flavor the coconut sugar does that. I'm gonna spray a couple more. may work out just perfect. Perfect, look at that and add a little bit more into that one. Perfect. Okay, so here is our muffins. The tropical sunrise muffins are going to go into the oven. I'm gonna put them lower actually believe it's 25 minutes but I want to check before I do that. Alrighty, 25 minutes I was right. So probably set it on 22 I'll come back and look. All right 22 minutes and we will be back with our delicious muffins. Thanks for watching. Alright, so we're back in the muffins are completed. And so that was 25 minutes of cooking in the oven. I think they look delicious. Now they probably look a little different than your average muffin because I said they're green. So I'm actually going to take one out here. Now they're hot because I just got them out of the oven. Cut it open. You might even see the steam. Oh yeah, you do like ads, some butter here with that melt in between there for a second. And then I'm going to take a little bite. So good. So I'm actually going to my little boys over there. He's already eating one of the muffins so that's what you can hear. I'm taking a big bite that has butter on it. Delicious. I hope you give them a try. And then remember Do you have the leftover balance greens 30 some coconut water bird and some water and throw it in a smoothie, make it your daily greens or bake with it. So thank you for watching today.