3 Fantastic Ways to Stop Food Cravings Before They Wreck Your Health

Food cravings triggers

The more we indulge in sweets and snacks it triggers something within us. Few things will satisfy the craving and we indulge all the more. On this week’s health tip Ed gives us a few pointers on how to curb those cravings and make food choices based on nutrition!

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Ed Jones  00:04

Welcome to the Health Tip of the Week. Today's topic is on how to reduce food cravings. I've been listening to people's stories about health and food for 41 years, and food cravings is one of the biggest demons to our life, our health and our weight. And let me tell you something, the addiction to certain components of food are really no different than tobacco, caffeine, sleeping pills, cocaine, you name it, it really is something the brain seems to need to have. And I have three tips that's going to help you for this year reduce these cravings. One is, we all know what Alcoholics Anonymous is, well, there needs to be a food craving anonymous, where you basically look at yourself and say, the foods that I constantly want to eat and think about is because my brain is addicted to them. It's not because my body has to have them. It's not because I'm malnourished. And it's not because you know, I'm following my instincts, it's because you're addicted. And so we have to admit that first. Secondly, is you have to know that there's going to be some difficult days, there'll be about seven days of what I want to talk to you about which is a detoxing and a reprogramming on these addictive foods. So step two is just go ahead and say to yourself, I know that the first week is going to be difficult, but after that, I promise you, you will have so much less cravings unless you fall off the wagon, that you will be amazed and then your weight, your health, your inflammation, everything will start falling into place. And so the third big tip, this is the the game changer to me. I've tried everything. I've watched everything you need to five or six days a week, you have to drink your breakfast instead of eating it. I'm sorry, people, there's no human way I have seen unless you are far better than most people that you can consume the kind of foods that's going to reduce cravings because they're also messing with your chemistry early in the day. You can do some mistakes. If you start your chemistry right, you can't do it. If you screw it up with pancakes, and bagels and cereals and all the things that people eat is done, you're done for so I drink a drink called metagenics keto drink and I put something like coconut oil in it with grains powder. If you'll do this, I promise you in seven to 14 days, you will be amazed but keep in mind, if you start having all the snacks again, you're gonna fall back into the same place you were before just like someone who's been smoking you picks up another cigarette. Good for you three tips on stopping these food cravings. Thank you.