The Four Supplements You Need Every Day

Feeling confused by supplements? Scratching your head about whether you need them and which ones to take? We’ve got your back.

Supplements are our bread and better and we understand how intimidating it can be walking into our store for the first time. The good news is we’ve narrowed down four essential supplements that we believe everyone needs each day. Better yet, we’ve put them in convenient packages that you can take with you on the go!

Introducing our new and improved Core 4, featuring individual packets with all the supplements you need for the day.

Convenience without compromising quality. A perfect match for a busy life!



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Welcome back to nutrition worlds Podcast. I’m Katie Coleman, and I’m co owner of nutrition world. And I am excited to be on this podcast today to speak about a huge launch within our business and within our philosophy of health and within something that we have really tried to create and educate our customer base on, I would say, now for eight to nine years. This is the concept of the core four. And before I talk about the exciting release that we have, I want to go into what this concept is. So after much research between my father and I, we realize there are four main supplements that we, as humans are very deficient in. I think when people think about supplements, they oftentimes get really overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. They’re confused as if does their diet, give them enough? Does it not? How do I know what I need? How do I know what they need? And those are all very, very good questions. I still think there’s a lot to having a personalized approach to your health. But I could argue that every single person is going to need the supplements that I’m about to discuss. The reason I believe people need these is because our food simply does not supply the level of nutrients that it used to supply. Our chronic stress and our chronic hustle and go go go lives that we live in, are depleting us of minerals, our lack of being in the sun is creating a lack of vitamin D, the only real way you get vitamin D is going to be through the sun, it turns it into a usable form within our bodies. And the last one is we do not eat enough healthy fats. And specifically speaking of fish oil. So we created the concept called the core for over the years, we would choose products from different companies. And we would have this concept of okay, we’re gonna choose this brand for their multi this brand for their fish oil, this brand for their vitamin D and this brand and their magnesium, we saw that that wasn’t quite the best approach because we wanted it to be simple. We don’t want you to have to do extra homework, we don’t want you to have to grab extra bottles. So we simplified this concept into our big release called nutrition world’s core for custom packet box. So what you will find within this box are going to be these daily packets. So these daily packets are going to have what I just discussed, an ancestral multivitamin, magnesium glycinate, vitamin D with kg, and a really clean omega three fatty acid, this is going to be all of those supplements right here, in one convenient pack of eight pills. You could divide it morning and night, you could take it all at once, I would recommend to take it with food. And if you’re wondering who created this for us, because you know something I’m big on is sourcing, I want to know where it came from who created it. So no, we did not create this in our warehouse, we did not create this in our back room of our store, we actually had a very high clinical grade company designs for health and you can go research them create this concept for us. So I trust I believe, and I love the purity potency and all the ethics of designs for health. So they were able to create this into these packets. What I could say is if you’re already on the concept of the core four, if you’re already on a really good high quality multi, maybe you eat some fish oil, but maybe you’re not getting all of this you can get all of these nutrients now for $3.60 a day. So less than a Starbucks coffee now less than anything you’d ever get at a drive thru which not that I’m recommending that but this is a very affordable easy way could slip this in your pocket take it you know on your lunch break at work, you could travel with it easily. I have been so pleased I’ve been taking this since we’ve got them in and I’ve taken a lot of designs for health over my life but I’ve been taking these specifically haven’t been I haven’t tasted it haven’t burped the fish oil, nothing like that. And that’s a common question with fish oil. You know, one little tip for fish oil is is if a company has used older sourcing of fish, then you’re going to taste it and you’re going to burp it. We are so particular with the fish oil that we bring into our store that that should never happen. And especially with this high pharmaceutical grade Omega three that we have in here that will not happen so there’s going to be a month supply in here for 109 and $109. But the hope is is that you start with this you see how you feel you assess over time and my my hope for everybody is is that when you start filling in those nutrient gaps you start giving yourself more magnesium to then elevate your your get better sleep to elevate your GABA so that you Naturally fallen asleep, you give yourself a little bit more vitamin D with the vitamin K, you start having a little bit more energy, you get sick less often, you have a little bit more energy. Oh, now the minerals are going to help my body communicate better. You’ve got all those things, you’ve got the Omega threes to help the brain connect better, think quicker. All these things all add up to living a more vital and healthy life. And I think at the end of the day, that’s my goal. And my father’s goal for everyone is we are not on this earth for a long amount of time. And we want you guys to live and feel and be vital and healthy. And I think this is one of the most simple, easiest ways to begin doing that. Now after you begin this, there may be things that you add in. There may be other items that you feel you need specifically other items that your bloodwork shows that you need. But to me this is a perfect base protocol. So we are so excited to launch the core four and can’t wait for you to try it.

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