A Guide to Cellular Detox for Increased Energy

On this week’s episode we delve into the crucial topic of increasing energy levels!

Cady helps us discover the significance of cellular detoxing and its impact on vitality, cognitive function, and overall well-being. Learn practical tips and insights to navigate the modern-day onslaught of toxins and explore the transformative potential of holistic approaches like sauna therapy and specialized detox protocols.

Tune in to empower yourself with knowledge and actionable steps towards a healthier, more energized life!

Hey, and welcome back to nutrition worlds podcast, the theme of this month is how to increase your energy levels. I think we all know that energy and vitality and that feeling of having enough mental stamina, enough cellular energy, enough of that is so vital in order for us to live our best life. So that we can show up for our kids show up for our job show up for our spouses. Energy is at the core of all of that. So for this month, we want to give you guys tips on how to increase your energy. I want to speak specifically today on cellular detoxing. So I have a story that’s really near and dear to my own heart. And I don’t always speak about personal things on a podcast. But I do want to share this today. So in my 20s, I lived in a very moldy home. And this home was unfortunately written with mold all throughout the roof. The beams the really the entire home was eaten up with mold, and you couldn’t see it because it was all behind the plastered walls, it was all behind, you know the ceiling and all of that. But it made me very, very ill. And a lot of people may not have known that because I could have kind of hid that and shown up still for what I needed to do at our store. In all other areas of life, I tried my best to show up. But what ended up happening was cellular fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion, just this heaviness in my legs, hard to think clear, hard to get task done really fast. And it was very challenging. And if you’re experiencing this, I just want to say I’m sorry, and I’ve been there. But I also want to offer you hope today. And I also want to go into a little bit more about why we need to detox. So in our society today, there are over 4000 40,000 Not 4000 40,000 chemicals, and only 1% of them have been tested for safety. That’s horrific, horrific. That means on an average day to day, we are coming in contact with over 400 chemicals, how our food, our water, when we shower we’re bathing in chlorine, we’re bathing and PFA is we’re bathing and all these things. Any processed food is going to contain some level of chemicals, the air is going to contain chemicals, things that are off gassing in our home, like paints, brand new furniture, different stains on the floor. And I don’t say all of this to make you fearful, I always remind my clients, my customers that I think living in fear is actually one of the worst things we can do to create healing within the body. So I’m not saying it out of fear, but I am saying it out of a place to educate you because you don’t know until you know and once you know you do better. So with this idea in mind 40,000 chemicals that we are literally breathing in drinking, eating, ingesting, that means our system is totally taxed. And so we wonder why every year we’re seeing an increase in chronic illness. Chronic Illness is rising so fast. It’s at a rate that doctors can’t even explain it at this point. They don’t really know what to do sometimes in the medical system, because in these instances the chemicals are being created faster than remedies or answers can even come out with. And so for me, I try to look back at the basic idea of all of this. So what are those chemicals doing? The chemicals are taxing our system. So when we are when our system is taxed, that means our lymphatic system is having to work harder, so our lymph nodes and our lymphatic drainage so limp helps move things out that we don’t need. We have a lot of lymph lymphatic areas right here. Under our armpits, we have it around the groin, lots of areas that things are trying to move through and out when we don’t need them to be in or around our body. Things like perfumes, chemicals for breeze, all those things, the lymphatic system is going to try to move out. The kidneys are going to try to filter and process things out through urine and our bloodstream. The livers going to process things that we have eaten or taken medication wise. So we have all these beautiful systems in place to rid ourselves of toxins. The only problem I see with all this is when we are so inundating our system, we reach a point where the body just cannot keep up anymore. So what happened, the toxins get stored in our cells. The toxins get stored in our fat, the toxins get stagnant and our lymphatic drainage, the toxins store in the spinal cord and create more headaches. And unfortunately, within the gut, the more antibiotics we take, the more porous our gut lining becomes. When our gut lining is porous. The toxins then, instead of moving out our GI tract, they go back out into the bloodstream and create a terrible toxic reaction to your life and what you’re experiencing and so, as always, I’m not treating and diagnosing but I’m getting back to this I DHEA if we are inundated with chemicals, what do we do about it? How do we assist our body to move things through properly for lifestyle tips that I have really quick before touching on what really changed my life and I could even say saved my life. And we’ll go into that in a minute. The first one lifestyle tip is sauna or sweating. A lot of people that may be too fatigued to ill may be unable to do too much strenuous exercise at first because of their level of toxicity, can begin an Asana Asana is a wonderful way to start, it’s going to immediately start purging those toxins, otherwise walking, walking, to get the lymphatic system moving, to get the cardiovascular system, blood pumping, all of that ret rich oxygenated cells, all of that’s going to help us. Number three, a trampoline trampoline is actually a great way when you bounce that really supports the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage. So one of those mini trampolines, my kids have one and I’ll bounce on it about 10 minutes a day. The last thing would be one of those boards that you can sit on that shakes. So those shaker lymphatic system drainage boards and you stand on and it shakes your whole body, you can turn up the level, you can turn it down. If you have not done a lot of lymphatic drainage work, I would started at a very low setting, we can put a link on this for the one I’m kind of specifically talking about. But one of those, one of those would be a great place to start. So choosing one of those four lifestyle tips. Now let’s head into what I really want to talk about silkworm when I was ill with the mold, Sal core truly was the answer for me. How did I know I was ill with mold. Besides the fact I knew every time I went back into my house, I did an organic acids test. And that’s something we could talk about at a later day. So urine sample that actually tests for mold within the body funguses, things like that. But I stumbled across a cross sell core. And selcourt is a system built upon two doctors that saw how many patients are coming in with chemical issues and toxicities creating a symptom. So this is phase one of their protocol. I will say I highly encourage people to meet with one of our coaches, if they have a complex situation going on. The two coaches I would recommend would be Brandon and Amber we can put their link in this as well. But Brandon and Amber are two very well versed coaches in the soundboard lines. And they will be able to walk someone through this for me. And for the purpose of this video I want to talk about these four products sell Coors biotoxin binder is a strong binder that goes into the body, and in a similar way to charcoal, but at about 500 times more powerful binding activity goes in and binds to heavy metals, mold, and a few funguses. And it goes in and it attaches. And now we just need help getting it out. So once it’s attached, we’re going to make sure our bowels are moving. So I have the selcourt bow mover that just makes sure that we are we’re going and having at least one or two bowel movements a day while on this cleanse, you got to make sure those toxins are getting out through the bowels. The other product is called their advanced tadka. tadka is a very potent antioxidant made with a formula of NAC a little tiny bit of melatonin and a couple other ingredients that are going to open your drainage pathways. We spoke about the lymphatic system and those pathways, but they’re all these tiny little capillaries and places that we’re going to be able to drain more efficiently. The more toxic you are, the less efficiently you’re able to drain. So this goes in and opens those drainage pathways to allow for effective detoxing. So there’s that product and the final one is the CT minerals. So it is humic and fulvic acids, which are going to go back in and re mineralize the cells and remineralize the body because as we’re pulling things we don’t want to pull minerals. Minerals are the basic basic form of life within our body that we need for cellular communication. So that that’s the four cell core products that I wanted to talk about today. I did these for about two months. And I did a couple more phases. Within Cell Core. There’s four total phases. And like I said, there’s also customizing of this protocol. I do this twice a year and I always will I come in contact we all come in contact with too many chemicals. This allows me to know I’m detoxing but not to live in fear. So I want you to know you can feel better from where you’re at right now. You don’t have to live in in fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy. This may be an answer along the way for you. So thank you for listening today and tune in next time for our next episode.

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