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Chattanooga Restaurants have me frustrated!

Prefer to listen to this post? We recorded it just for you! (Can’t hear it? Make sure volume is up on player below.) I have become very disheartened with Chattanooga restaurants because of the limited availability of healthy options. I must say that the choices in Chattanooga as to wholesome quality foods borders on non-existent. …


Learn One Oldest and Safest Medicines Still in Existence Today

One of the oldest and safest medicines still in existence today is referred to as HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE.  Homeopathy continues to be utilized worldwide by millions of people and many physicians in other countries practice homeopathy directly out of medical school.   Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 200 years and increasing numbers of scientific …


Ubiome: Explore Your Microbiome

  Our microbes outnumber human cells 10:1. Like the rainforest, the healthy human microbiome is a balanced ecosystem. Now that I am close to 60 I realize that a dominant part of my life has been being an explorer of health. These journeys have allowed me to listen and study thousands of ideas as to …

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