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Ubiome: Explore Your Microbiome

  Our microbes outnumber human cells 10:1. Like the rainforest, the healthy human microbiome is a balanced ecosystem. Now that I am close to 60 I realize that a dominant part of my life has been being an explorer of health. These journeys have allowed me to listen and study thousands of ideas as to …


This Mistaken Theory Can Destroy Your Health!

A recent study showed that women who regularly douched created a significant increase in their cancer rates. Would you rather listen to this article? Ideas such as douching and dozens of other similar theories that attempt to sanitise or treat our way to health using synthetic methods all counter the wisdom of honoring the body’s …


Revealing Pictures of Ed Jones’ Food Intake!

Every single day I speak to someone who is unclear how to eat healthy. Grandparents old fashioned wisdom on eating no longer speaks to us due to so many reasons such as lack of local grown foods, GMO’s, excessive pesticides, multiple opinions on what comprises healthy foods, etc. I have so many who ask me …

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