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Why You Must Understand GMO’s to Protect Your Health

Genetic engineering is being done without your knowledge… Just when we all had plenty of concerns about our foods and their negative impact on our health and disease, a new threat is emerging that may overshadow all others. GMO, (genetically modified organism) is a method developed by large companies that involves changing the genetic structure, …


Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer. Junk Science?

Omega 3 and Cancer Study Response Introduction On July 10, 2013, major media headlines and news stories claimed “Too Much Fish Oil Might Boost Prostate Cancer Risk.”Wow, that sure seems fishy given all of the positive health benefits linked to fish oil intake. In examining the study, there are numerous issues that clearly indicate that …


Feel like You’re Living in an Ashtray? Overcome the Toxic Air with these 4 Simple Tips.

All of us living around the Chattanooga area are experiencing the worst air quality of our lives. The only time similar to this problem was when I was young in the 60’s and the TNT plant spewed copper colored toxin waste that darkened the skies on many days and burned our throats to breathe. I …

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