Why you need to drink greens powders

Ed Jones  00:03

Many people ask this question, which is I eat plenty of green vegetables so why would I need a green drink? What is a green drink? It's one of those powerful powder drinks that contain, you know, a whole list of maybe 20 to 30, broccolis and algae and spirulina and blank blank blank. They're all marketed as like the superfoods and they are a superfood in certain ways. Do you need that if you eat plenty of green vegetables? Yes, you do. Why is that? Because I tell people all the time, we eat green vegetables partially because they are what's called nutritious. They have vitamins and minerals, and they help to supply our system of nourishment. But green drinks are different. I'm not about a green drink for nourishment. It's for cleansing the liver, kidneys, bloodstream, detoxifying the body. There's something in labor called a P450 system. If you ever get a prescription that says do not take with grapefruit juice or these other things, it's because your P450 which is a computer almost within your liver that says we want to take this molecule and change it, we want to detoxify it, we want to get rid of it. Well guess what? Algae, spirulina, these specialized green foods, these superfoods they make the P450 system even more efficient. What does that mean? That means the diesel bus you were behind coming to work this morning that you had to breathe the fumes, the perfumes, the plastics, the all the stuff that's in your office building, it goes somewhere. It doesn't just go down by itself the liver has to do it. So the green drink is what escalates that to the optimal level. Healthy is the new wealthy. Thank you very much.