Why natural toothpastes matter

Greetings. And here is your Health Tip of the Day. We all brush our teeth, I think. And the issue is though that 99% of us are still using something from 1951, which is Colgate and crest and those types of toothpaste. You know what the definition of the word dogma is? It is to the principle that's laid down by an authority as absolute truth. Well, you know what? The story on fluoride was laid down in the 50s as absolute truth and it's not. Government studies have shown that a one milligram increase in fluoride in a mother's body as she carries a baby will lower the IQ by 4.5 points. Don't trade your Colgate and Crest for less than brain function. We have toothpaste that don't have any of that. If you believe in fluoride is fine. Get it at your dentist, get it treated twice a year, but don't ingest it by two phases has no fluoride, no artificial flavors, no colors and dyes, no preservatives, no sodium lauryl sulfate, because when you put things in your mouth, they're going directly in your bloodstream people. There is no way around it. So your tip of the day, switch to a more natural toothpaste. It will cost you about $1 more, and it will help preserve your health. We're here to help you have a robust health so you can have a robust life. Thank you and greetings.