Health Tip: Boost Immunity for Kids with Vitamins That Taste Great

Keeping your kids well can often seem like an exercise in futility. Trying keep their hands clean or out of their mouth is an impossible task and the result is illness after illness. Thankfully, you can bolster your children’s immune system and help keep them well with great tasting, easy to take supplements designed specifically for them!

Amanda Ballard  00:05

If you have kids, you know how chaotic life can be. It's often a challenge to get our kids to eat well, let alone take supplements that are vital for their health and development. Supplements have come a long way over the past 20 years and have become much more kid friendly. When I was a kid I used to gag every time my parents would force me to take those chalky chewable multivitamins. And fast forward to the day my kids beg me for their vitamins every day. Here are my three favorite supplements I give to my kids to help them stay well and promote optimal overall health. These are omega threes, probiotics and elderberry. So we'll start with omega-3. Barleans makes a great product for kids. Omega-3s are vital for brain development, heart health, eye health and more. These swirls are super tasty, and you would never guess that you were taking fish oil. Second is probiotics. We have so many great options for kids. Little Bugs from Probulin, are small little chewables that look like bugs and so they're super fun. Lava Rox from AOR are designed like Pop Rocks so they're super fun to take. And Nordic naturals makes probiotic Pixies. All of these are fantastic and fun options for your kids. And finally, elderberry. Kids are covered in germs and taking immune boosting supplements are a great way to help them fight off illness. Normally, we're not a big fan of gummy supplements, but Zhou has created a great gummy that's loaded with elderberry and vitamin C with very little sugar. This is a great way to boost your kids immune systems and help them fight off those unwanted germs. Also, they're vegan and are great for kids ages four and up. We hope this information is helpful and that you're able to get even the pickiest of kids to start taking some of these great supplements to help improve their health. Feel free to stop by or give us a call with any questions and have a great day.