Three steps to natural allergy relief

Natural Allergy Relief


Spring is officially here and along with the warmer weather comes a host of allergens. If you find yourself lucky enough to live somewhere like the Tennessee Valley, even people who aren’t typically bothered by seasonal allergies often find themselves nursing allergy symptoms.

There are, of course, plenty of OTC pharmaceuticals that can help mask the symptoms, but to really address allergies at their root you have to dig a little deeper. Oddly enough, it all starts in the gut.

On this week’s episode Ed explores a few of his favorite natural supplements to not only give you relief from allergy symptoms, but to help your body heal them at the source.

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Natural Allergy Relief: A Holistic Approach to Combatting Allergies

Greetings and welcome to Nutrition Made Simple! With spring officially here, allergies are starting to flare up for many. Why do we get allergies? It all comes down to plants releasing pollen to fertilize other plants. But why does our immune system react negatively to something as natural as pollen?

Understanding Allergies

Historically, our bodies weren’t designed to be allergic to pollen. Allergies have only become prevalent in the past 30 to 40 years. The culprit? A confused immune system that sees a friend as an enemy. This confusion often stems from issues in the gut, which is where 70% of our immune function resides.

The Gut-Immune Connection

Our gut health directly impacts our immune response. Overuse of antibiotics, exposure to pesticides like Roundup, and chlorine in water can damage our gut’s “tight junctions.” These junctions act like a screen door, only letting in what’s necessary. When damaged, they allow unwanted substances to enter, leading to an overactive immune response and the production of histamines. Histamines are what cause swelling, congestion, and all those miserable allergy symptoms.

Natural Solutions for Allergy Relief

While pharmaceuticals can manage symptoms, they don’t address the root cause. Here are natural strategies to help you combat allergies:

  1. Restore Tight Junctions: Products containing humic and fulvic acids can help. Dr. Zach Bush recommends a soil-derived product that comes in both liquid and nasal spray forms. These products help restore the tight junctions in your gut and nasal passages, preventing pollen and other allergens from entering your system.
  2. Probiotics: While beneficial, probiotics should be taken after restoring tight junctions. Without fixing the gut lining first, probiotics can leak into your system, causing more harm than good. Choose a high-quality probiotic with a variety of strains and high potency to support gut health once the tight junctions are restored.
  3. Quercetin: This natural compound helps prevent the production of histamines rather than just alleviating symptoms. Many natural allergy relief products contain quercetin and can provide effective symptomatic relief within a few days.

Implementing the Plan

To effectively manage allergies naturally, follow these steps:

  1. Strengthen Tight Junctions: Use products like humic and fulvic acid supplements to repair your gut and nasal lining.
  2. Introduce Probiotics: Once your gut lining is repaired, take a high-quality probiotic to support overall gut health.
  3. Use Quercetin: Incorporate quercetin-containing products to prevent histamine production and reduce allergy symptoms.


By understanding the root cause of allergies and taking a natural, proactive approach, you can significantly reduce your symptoms and improve your overall health. Remember, natural solutions take time, so start early and be consistent. Here’s to a healthier, allergy-free you!

Thank you for tuning in. Let’s take control of our health together!

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