Take aged garlic for a plethora of health benefits


Garlic has been around for thousands of years and is well documented as a savory culinary favorite and for it’s medicinal uses. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures all understood that garlic was special, but we now know just how beneficial it can be for our health. Known mostly for it’s cardiovascular benefits, garlic is one of the most researched natural supplements, but an aged garlic extract will give you all the benefits without driving away your friends and family with garlic breath.


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Love it or hate it, there's no denying this fact that garlic is incredibly good for you. PubMed actually has 6,609 posted medical studies on garlic for health, and it's one of the oldest cultivated plants, and its uses date back all the way to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. Even 1000s of years ago, people understood that there was more to garlic than meets the eye. In fact Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine often use garlic in his medical practice to treat wounds, increased performance and athletes and ease digestive issues. We now know from the published studies that garlic has many benefits including decreased risk of heart disease, helping to optimize blood pressure and cholesterol, detoxifying heavy metals, supporting a healthy immune system, along with a multiple other benefits to our health. The primary compound responsible for the majority of the health benefits from garlic that it provides is a sulfur compound called Allison. Allison is an unstable compound that's only briefly available when fresh garlic is crushed or chopped. Alison is also depleted by heating garlic, so if you're eating it for the health benefits raw is always best. But if you're like me, and honestly can't stand the way garlic tastes or smells and want to avoid having the garlic breath every day supplementing with the correct brand of garlic is a great way to get the benefits without the cons. When selecting a garlic supplement, you want to make sure of the following. That it comes from a product grown organically, processed without heat. And for best results produced from an aged extract. Kyolic garlic supplements had all these markers and continued to be the gold standard for all garlic supplements. Kyolic is grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and is aged for up to 20 months. This aging process sets it apart from other garlic supplements because it increases the antioxidant potential, converts the unstable organic sulfur compounds into the odorless non irritating bioavailable compounds and lets you be a functioning member of society without reeling from the garlic smell all day. Kyolic has been around for decades and they had the clinical research to back up this product. In fact, it's the most clinically studied garlic supplement on the market and has been the subject of more than 870 peer reviewed scientific articles. Let me say that again. 870 peer reviewed scientific articles. This means when you purchase Kyolic you have the confidence knowing you're getting a product with an outstanding safety record backed by science. Kyolic has over 12 formulas targeted for specific benefits like immunity heart health, stress, fatigue and more. You can check out their whole line and learn more at nutritionw.com/shop and Nutrition World offers 25% off every day. So that's your health Tip of the Week everyone. Stay well, be well. See you next time.