Want Enormous Liver Protection with N-Acetyl Cysteine Supplement?

N-Aetyl Cysteine is getting a lot of well deserved recognition right now. It’s been a staple in emergency rooms for quite some time, but it’s detoxing abilities aren’t the only reason you should consider adding it to your supplement regimen.

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Ed Jones  00:05

I always love the story of Ponce de Leon. When I was growing up in 1513, he ventured across the oceans to find the fountain of youth. I want you to know that the closest thing to the fountain of youth is not in St. Augustine, Florida, but in our lifestyle and nutrition. My career and passion for nutrition has allowed me to discover many of the life saving treasures. And I want you to know about one in particular that's very impressive NAC. NAC or n-acetylcysteine has become one of the most researched and protective nutrients especially during 2020. I have studied NAC for over 15 years and right now manufacturers are barely able to keep up with the demands by customers. NAC works to boost something called glutathion which is one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects us from toxins and pathogens. Did you know NAC is actually found in all emergency rooms for the individuals who overdose on Tylenol? When administered quickly NAC stops all liver damage from these overdoses. NAC also helps counter damage from alcohol consumption, decreases acne, assists in bone health, helps leaky gut, can help protect against chronic bronchitis and much more. NAC may also help maintain healthy viscosity of the blood which is vital for our life and healing especially at this time. But the most exciting news about NAC is its ability to prevent mucus and fluids from overwhelming the lungs and other parts of the body during infections due to a mechanism that slows the inflammation within the body. Out of all the nutrients that I ingest every day, I will always include NAC in a morning and evening dose. The reason I take it twice a day is that most vitamins only maintain blood levels for around eight to 12 hours. And I really want 24 hour benefit from all of my efforts. If you are wanting to boost the health of your lungs and body. I encourage you to consider adding NAC right now. It's an inexpensive way to provide the protection your body needs. Thank you everyone for watching. We'll be back here next week for another great health tip.