Is Collagen Right For You?


What’s With Collagen and Anxiety?

We all want to look our best as we age and part of that effort is maintaining youthful skin. Thankfully, there are many clean, natural options like collagen that can help you reach that goal. Collagen is a trendy supplement right now, but is it right for you? On this week’s health tip Ed talks about the benefits of collagen, who should take it, and one little known side effect most people aren’t aware of.

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Ed Jones  00:04

You know, you can't even look on the internet or a store and not see something about collagen. Collagen powder. What is it? Do we need it? Does it really work? You know what I'm going to give an answer I gave a few weeks ago. Yes, it does. And no, it doesn't. Let me tell you the truth about this product. collagen is a protein. It's a special protein. It is fantastic for supporting the skin health. I will tell you that if you take the right brand, people are going to notice in three weeks and probably say if you're 45 or 50 plus, wow, your skin looks great. You know when you actually do look like you have less wrinkles, because the evidence supports that it can do that helps gut function if the gut which many people have inflamed gut, it supports the rebuilding of this damaged gut lining. And leaky gut is a huge, huge issue today. However, here's the one downside to college and I learned it personally after reading people that I trust. Collagen can make you anxious, makes anxiety if you already have some can make 3x worse. I was wondering why the heck am I having these real anxious attacks when I don't really have anything different in my life. And I realized through experimentation and research that it blocks one of the amino acids that can make your brain chemistry. And I did on off and on protocol three different times over a period of six months. And I'm absolutely convinced if you have real issues with anxiety, use small amounts of collagen maybe but if you get increases your in your anxiety, it may not be the product for you. I'm not here to say everything that we have is perfect for everyone. It's about education and knowledge. And that's what we try our very, very best to do it nutritional world. Thank you very much.