How can a wellness consultation benefit you?


Sometimes we just need a little direction. A little accountability. Perhaps a little push.


This is true with most difficult things in life and our health is certainly no exception. While we pride ourselves on the time that we spend with each of our customers, sometimes individuals are looking for a more guided approach or want to focus on a particular health issue for an extended period of time. If you find yourself in this situation, our wellness consultations may be a perfect fit for you.


From chronic gastrointestinal issues to significant weight loss, our coaches provide guidance for any and all of your health needs, even working with your doctor to help you with a natural path towards healing.


This week Brandon and Adam break down exactly what to expect from a wellness consultation and walk you through some of the key services we provide. We have certified wellness coaches on staff as well as a Dr. Bryan Johnson, an ABPS board certified Integrative and Holistic physician.


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