Folic Acid v Methylfolate: Why natural forms of nutrients matter more than you think

We understand that attempting to decipher the back of supplement labels can be confusing. You see a lot of words and without some working knowledge of biochemistry you probably won’t know the difference between the various nutrients and forms included in the product. But, there’s one nutrient that’s easy to detect and should be avoided. Folic Acid.

Ed Jones  00:04

Hey everybody, welcome to Nutrition World's Health Tip of the Day. These videos are designed to help your health help you heal and keep you from falling prey to so much incorrect and biased nutrition advice. Let me tell you something I will not take ever again. I stopped about 10 years ago folic acid. I think we've all heard of that. It's been used throughout for decades for preventing birth defects and and and. But guess what? The research is quite clear to me these days and has been for 10 years. Folic acid is synthetic. You don't want that because and I'm not going to get into the details but there's a gene called mthfr. 50% of all people may have that. It means folic acid is going to do some toxicity and maybe some damage to the body. Methyl folate is the word people. Methylfolate if you're going to take a multivitamin, a B complex, a single B vitamin, make sure it says methyl folate or natural folate, not folic acid. Thank you very much. I want everyone to have a robust health so you can be allowed to live a robust life.