Three Tips for an Effective Workout. #1 is not What you Think.

Looking to maximize your time in the gym this year? New to working out and need some tips on where to start? Ed gives you three tips that have made his trips to the gym successful over the years. Looking for a new workout? Try a HIIT workout on an elliptical.

Ed Jones  00:04

Hey, everybody, it's Ed again, with the Health Tip of the Week. I've got three steps for an effective workout and how to start the plan. I started working out when I was about 14 years old, far, far long ago. And in 2004, April 15, I set the unofficial world record for chin ups. I did 285. And the only reason I went official, we only had one camera instead of two. And again, it's needed two. So what are the steps to make for an effective result from workout? It's kind of odd that I would say these things. But the number one step is that you need to focus on weight training, instead of aerobic. You do some aerobics, it's good, it's great for the heart. But the weight training is what stops bone mass loss, it stops muscle loss. We lose one to 2% per year after age 40. That's why we get weak. That's why we injure ourselves. If you want to do aerobic, and which I think you should do some try to do something that elevates the pulse rate to about 110 beats a minute, if you're healthy for a period of time, or do what's called HIIT training, high intensity training. It only takes about six minutes, and you can look it up on the internet. Number two is that you need to hit three times a week for maintenance and a little gain. But you got to do four times a week if you truly want to optimize your physique and your health. That's every other day people. It just is. And it can become a routine like brushing your teeth. And how do you do it? It's very difficult at home, I will say but it can be done, I do recommend going to a gym. And if not, you got to have good self discipline. You got to have the stuff at your house. I mean, you could do put a chin up bar up and with a few weights. I do a lot of body weight training now instead of weight training. And I'm using tons of dips and push ups and I use these rubber bands that are fantastic. So you can ask me later about it if you happen to see me in the store. And the last tip do not stretch before you work out. Every injury that Ed Jones has ever had in the gym has been because I stretched before I worked out. You need to warm up before you work out. But what happens is you loosen everything when you stretch. And then when you do the weights or you do something hard that's where you pull the ligaments and tendons and muscles and you stretch things more and that is not what we want because then you have downtime, and then you lose what you've gained from all the hard workouts. There's your three tips for being fit people. Thank you. Thank you.