Floor Manager

Scott Goulart

Scott's primary job at Nutrition World is to make sure that you have the best customer experience possible. Scott ensures that the sales floor is in tip top shape and our staff is ready to meet your needs. He works closely with our staff to make sure they are equipped to partner with you on your wellness journey. 


I've been in the nutrition industry my whole working life.  Over the years, helping people achieve their nutritional and wellness goals has become less of a job, and more of a passion.
I have had many rewarding experiences throughout my career, but unquestionably I've been most fulfilled by establishing trustful and lasting relationships with my customers.
Earning that trust begins with dedication to a process of continuous education. I've always believed it's my responsibility to pass on knowledge and experience to the customer.
Through my experience with the corporate side of the world of nutrition, I've found that an overall, holistic approach to wellness is not always the goal, or even the expectation at most places. But at Nutrition World I've found an environment and culture exceedingly, and authentically dedicated to that philosophy which is so rare to find in the corporate world.
I am fortunate to share that dedication with an exceptionally talented, and knowledgeable team. Together, we will strive to continue to be the best place in Chattanooga, and maybe even the world, to meet your health, nutritional, and wellness needs!