How Healthy Soil Will Change the World

Healthy soil can change the world.

In this episode, Ed sits down with Jordan Rubin to discuss how the soil on the earth drastically changes our health and our planet’s health. They discuss the incredible power of soil based organisms, Jordan’s miraculous healing through the power of SBOs, and how we can do our part to regenerate the earth’s soil to bring back the health and vitality of our planet and the people that live on it.

Meet Jordan Rubin:

Jordan is on a mission to heal the planet, feed the world, and eradicate disease. His personal account of his battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told. A New York Times best-selling author, international motivational speaker and television personality, founder of Garden of Life, and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition,  Jordan’s message of health and wellness is a beacon to the masses who are looking for answers to help take control of their health.

Some Points We Discuss:

  • What caused Jordan Rubin to start down the path of holistic health and healing? (4:27)
  • What makes soil based organisms different from other types of probiotics? (9:24)
  • How do soil based organisms interact with antibiotics? (16:14)
  • What is regenerative farming and what makes it different from conventional and even organic farming? (20:30)

Some Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Your gut is the key to the rest of your body. (10:14)
  • SBOs make the soil regenerate and make your body transform. (14:39)
  • “If you want to be clean, you’ve got to get dirty.” (18:44)
  • Regenerative agriculture improves the ecosystem, soil, plants, animals, even the environment every day, in every way. (24:32)
  • There’s only 37 regenerative organic certified farms in the world. (29:18)
  • Only 1% of land in America is certified organic. (31:39)

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Jordan Rubin 00:00
Soil based organisms are in healthy soil. They’re baked by the sun, they’re frozen. They’re feasted upon, they have a coating, naturally that protects them from stomach acid, bile, heat, all of that. So they get to where they need to go in your body. They double every 20 minutes. And they are like a cleanup crew they renovate your gut they live for depending on which ones two to 14 days, then they leave. They’re like really good tourists who improve the economy. You’re listening to the Nutrition World Podcast, a show about navigating the intricacies of holistic wellness. We’re a natural health food store located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we believe that optimal health and peak performance should be accessible to everyone. Hey everyone, welcome back to the Nutrition World Podcast. I’m really excited about today’s episode because we’re talking about something that I’m really interested in and find absolutely fascinating. And that’s regenerative farming or agriculture. Not only that, but we get to speak with Jordan Rubin. And if his name doesn’t sound familiar, his work definitely will. He’s the founder of a little company called Garden of Life, and the co founder of another company called Ancient Nutrition. Jordan is an accomplished author, speaker and educator when it comes to natural health. He’s super passionate about this subject. And he has an incredible story about his own personal health journey that you’ll get to hear in just a bit. I’m going to split. But thank you so much for tuning in. And we hope that you enjoy this chat between Ed Jones and Jordan Rubin.

Ed Jones 01:37
Greetings, and I want to welcome everyone to another episode of Nutrition World’s podcast. You know, I wake up in the morning, knowing I’m doing a podcast with great excitement. As most people who know my history I’ve entering my 43rd year of being a seeker in the field of nutrition and empowering people to have answers for their health. And today, we’ve got a very I think he’s famous is famous. I don’t think it Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Nutrition World Podcast.

Jordan Rubin 02:08
Thanks, Ed. It’s great to be here.

Ed Jones 02:10
And this is exciting, because you are like so many people who have had personal crisis in their life early on, that led you to find answers that were not easily found anywhere else. And you’ve actually created a very powerful platform over your decades of, of exposure and learning and experience in the field of natural health and healing. And I’ve watched you with great respect for I know for 25 years, going through different different ways, and businesses and life history. And today, we’re going to talk about two things that are near and dear to my heart, one of which is regenerative farming. And I’ve actually done some information on that on my other podcast, The Holistic Navigator. And people know about organic farming. Regenerative farming is a different but kind of similar, I have you explained it and secondarily, something that you really made famous, which is soil based organisms. And I don’t remember the year of that, but it was a long time ago, which you can talk about. And also, you are now the founder with Dr. Josh Axe, who we all know. I love his website, I love the way he empowers people with information. And you both have a deep personal route in life changing health journeys, and that had to navigate in order to have major health transformation. So in 2016, you two came together to create Ancient Nutrition, which is amazing, wonderful company. I mean, we don’t partner with anything but amazing companies, but you’re at the height of that. So so today we’re going to talk about two things regenerative farming for the next 25 minutes or 30 and soil based organisms. But let’s do if you don’t mind, Jordan, most people are pretty clueless, as, as actually I’ve learned a lot just recently about the difference between soul based organisms and other things in that category and why they meet may be super important and serve a purpose that nothing else does. And I know from your history, it was one of the things that turned you around from almost a spiraling death sentence early on in your life. So help us learn more about soil based organisms.

Jordan Rubin 04:27
Absolutely. Well, let me briefly say that when I was 18, turning 19 I was an immortal teenager, I’m using air quotes because all of us think that when we’re teenagers, nothing bad can ever happen to us. And I ended up being diagnosed with Multiple illnesses, including Crohn’s disease, which back in the day was extremely rare. We’re talking about 28 almost 29 years ago, and I literally lost everything that I held dear. I had to medically withdraw from college. I didn’t didn’t want friends around. I wasted away was emaciated if anyone’s interested in seeing what I call my before and after photos, you can go to Google Images type my name in Jordan Rubin, you’ll see either book covers or some version of a before and after photo. And that before photo was taken, kind of at the depth of my suffering because even though I looked like a skeleton, even though I described my condition as being trapped in a prison, that was my own body, even though I tell people how I felt, it’s like having food poisoning for 24 months, a 24 hour virus for two years surgery done on your gut without anesthesia, I couldn’t sleep, it really was a prison that I was trapped in it. And I had to tell you the truth, most days, I wish I wasn’t on this earth. But I had a great faith in my Creator. And I knew that God put me on this earth for a purpose. It wasn’t to suffer waste away and die. And I had my mother take that photograph much to her chagrin, because I didn’t think the world would believe me when I told them the miracle that God did in my life through a process. And it’s really important because a lot of us believe miracles are instantaneous. But in this case, I took a step of faith in my boxer shorts, gnarly beard and all 111 pounds of knee and I’m almost six one and my low weight was 104 pounds. My thigh circumference was most women’s wrist. This is what I gotten down to. And I’m so glad I took that photograph. This was the days before digital and social media. Because out of that testimony, even though I wasn’t healed the next day, the next month, even the next year, a little over a year, after visiting 70 medical experts, I met a man who taught me how to eat like the Bible. Live in a way that was proven through history and confirmed by science, a real foods diet along with these powerful probiotics called soil based organisms. Not only was my life restored, not only was I healed, but the seeds were planted for my future, because when I was sick, I made a commitment. God if you heal me, and I get out of this living Hell, if I can help just one person overcome disease or better yet avoid it, then this will have all been worth it. Everything I’m doing today and had done the last 20 some years, Ed, were planted and even to the point of these foods that are healing you, you’re going to need to grow them and raise them yourself because the availability is challenging raw dairy, raw juices, a lot of governmental agencies don’t want this type of food freedom for whatever reason. So even though I was pretty much broke, busted, and disgusted, I was encouraged not only to get well, but to share a message of health and hope with the world. And interestingly, when I got home from San Diego, which is where I was getting well, I grew up in South Florida. My first job my stage to share my message of hope and hope was stocking shelves at a health food store also called Nutrition World, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I was a pretty bad stock boy because all I wanted to do when people would come into the store asking for help is to walk over to the nutrition aisle and show them my photocopied before picture and tell them that there’s hope and health for whatever they’re dealing with. Because I believed that if I could get well anyone could. So obviously to make a longer story longer. I got well, I started working at a health food store doors open for me to share my message to one person two people three people. I was written about in a natural health medical journal, started a company that would later become Garden of Life, started writing books patient heal thyself was first. Makers diet was the most well known, started Ancient Nutrition, purchased and began purchase land began farming and today I’ve collected six children along the way and great company in Ancient Nutrition. And I’m just as passionate or more than I ever have been. I know you asked me about soil based organisms, but I thought I would give you a little bit of background because during my illness I tried I think 30 brands of probiotics and I stuck them in every orifice you can in the body not to be overly gross, maybe not my ears, but none of the probiotics work even though I took I consume bottles a day bottles. What I found from my dad sending this little packet of loose capsules and a type written piece of literature that said what’s missing in our health, the missing link of our soil these organisms that are part of healthy soil part of healthy plants. They’re not prevalent today but they are you’re internal army, they cleanse and rebuild your gut, they do the same thing in the soil. They keep the roots healthy, they keep parasites and pathogens and viruses all the way from the soil. They do that to your gut, your gut is the key to the rest of your body. And that little bit of knowledge on soil based organisms was the catalyst to start Garden of Life and carry it over to Ancient Nutrition. And is a thread that has been woven throughout my entire almost quarter century of teaching.

Ed Jones 10:29
That is so inspirational. If we ended here, I think it would be of benefit. Because one, you said two things that stick with me very strongly. One is, your journey was a process. And I think all of us want those magic statements and sentences and products that we’re going to turn us around in a moment. That generally isn’t how it happens. But we have to have faith that that process is, is going to happen by knowledge. And one of those things is what you do is to teach other people by one example. And I know we’re going to kind of get into regenerative farming but the balance of what’s in the soil is what has made this earth and our every living creature functional and healthy in the past that we’ve kind of screwed up in the past 50 to 80 years. And so I want to so maybe start with and you know, don’t have a lot of time, but start with what is soil based organisms and why are they different than a probiotic?

Jordan Rubin 11:25
Absolutely. Well, first of all, probiotics are good germs that our grandparents and great grandparents probably thought that was an oxymoron. Typical probiotics which I would refer to as L A B’s, lactic acid bacteria. These are organisms you’d find in yogurt, Keefer, sauerkraut, sour cream, kimchi, and you also find them most often in the refrigerated or cooler section in your health food store. Now some LABs, acidophilus Bifidus and others lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, you will sometimes find them in special bottles with special capsules on the shelf that are unrefrigerated, these organisms are great. They’re found in your gut, we don’t know exactly how they get there, it could be from our trip down our mother’s birth canal, it could be contact with their skin, they could already be there. We don’t know exactly how they get there. But over life, they’re the seeds and you water them or you destroy them. And most people destroy them. I’ll get into that in a minute. These organisms are very fragile. That’s why they’re in products that are refrigerated because at 80 degrees, they die. At 85 degrees, they die and certainly at 98.6 degrees they die. So think about it. You’re taking something in your body. And it’s kind of like I call it the sea turtle race. I grew up in Florida and I heard that a sea turtle and Mama lays 1000 eggs, 50 of them die in their first one foot walk then more die than five get to the water and a bird eats three of them and two of them make it so people take all these billions of LABs hoping that some will survive. Because heat kills them. Stomach acid kills them, bile kills them, they’re weak. Soil based organisms are in healthy soil. They’re baked by the sun, they’re frozen. They’re feasted upon, they have a coating, naturally that protects them from stomach acid, bile, heat, all of that. So they get to where they need to go in your body. They double every 20 minutes. And they are like a cleanup crew they renovate your gut they live for depending on which ones two to 14 days, then they leave. They’re like really good tourists who improve the economy. They’re like Pac men who eat the junk away from your gut. They stimulate immunity, they create a zone of inhibition or a shield so that the bad germs can’t get in. And then they allow your own lactobacillus to grow for 25 years and longer. Personally, I’ve been talking about stos. And when I started, every probiotic company banded together against me, even enemy companies competing companies, I was 22 years old. They all said that these SBOs will kill people. These SBOs are terrible. I said they’re the only probiotics we should be considering and guess what today Ed, every kombucha almost every frozen yogurt, every fermented beverage and product you can think of has a bacillus or a soil based organism in it. But what we’ve done based on inspiration of a product I saw in Italy in 2006, we’ve created a concept myself and Dr. Axe called SBO probiotics, and if you’re a probiotic user, if you want gut health immune support, relief from occasional gas bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or you just want protection in a day, when we talk about protection more than ever, the number one product you should consider the number one ingredient, SBOs. They make the soil regenerate. They make your body transform.

Ed Jones 15:19
That was a great explanation I must be honest with you, Jordan, I banded together with the people who went against your philosophy. And I’m, you know, I’m personally very well experienced and very well read. But it didn’t it didn’t ring true with me at first. And then I came around the corner afterwards, of course, but it took some time, I actually was a store that said we refuse to carry soil based organisms, one of which is I take it very personal that we are the gatekeeper for this community. And until I was shown that it had tremendous benefit, I chose to not even offer it to the public, we lost a tremendous amount of sales for many years based on it. I feel that I can brag about it in one way that I actually was trying to do the right thing. But then, like many things in life, you grow older, you learn and people and you yourself has been a magical wizard to help educate to the value of this real quickly. So soil based organisms. They are very, they’re more resistant, they’re more implantable, they do extremely well to survive. Real quickly antibiotic use. If someone’s ended up on antibiotics, does it kill? Does it? Is it killed with the next round of antibiotic or what do we need to do with antibiotic usage?

Jordan Rubin 16:32
That’s a great question. So most people will say if you’re taking lactobacillus or lactic acid bacteria, normal probiotics take them away from antibiotics an hour away, or doctors will say after a course of antibiotics, take probiotics, the best part about stos and we use three beneficial bacteria, one beneficial yeast which I could do a whole show on that alone, and we have fermented herbs, spices, superfoods and mushrooms that we grow on our own farm. So we surround these SBOs with pre biotics and post biotics. So the great things about SBOs one of them is you can take them during antibiotic use. In fact, in other countries, they package antibiotics with soil based organisms in the same capsule. Why? Because antibiotics kill a lot everything they can, but they don’t kill SBOs. How great is that? When your child has an ear issue? How great is that when you are on a course short or long of antibiotics that the beneficial probiotics and the yeast can survive, antibiotics won’t kill them. They are hearty, They’re strong. They’re really like the special forces of probiotics. And I can tell you, if I’m traveling, I’ll double up. I’ve been to a lot of countries India, Africa, and I don’t get traveler’s issues, I don’t have Montezuma’s Revenge people around me do because these organisms, they mean business and when you are subjected to an unfriendly environment, which boy is that the case more than ever, these guys are ready at a moment’s notice. They multiply, they create enzymes, they help you digest your food. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone could survive what we’re dealing with in this world today without soil based organisms that we used to get them from our food from our carrots that we would dust off from the healthy plants that we would pull out of our garden, the fruits from our trees, we don’t do that anymore. So why does someone need us SBOs because our soil is depleted, we don’t eat close to the ground, we get lettuce that brags about it being triple washed in a bag. I used to say this when I was 20, some years old and it rings true today. If you want to be clean, you got to get dirty. And that’s what this is all about.

Ed Jones 18:50
I love that. I love that. And you know personally, I’ve done about 13 stool tests over my Well, since we got stool test started maybe over the past 12 years. And what I do on that is I kind of do a before and after with probiotics and I will double the dose of the brand of probiotic that I choose. And I can tell you that most probiotics that we sell never alters my microbiome in the gut. So I’m always looking for ways to super help the microbiome which is the key to so many parts of our health. And one reason we’re faltering in so many areas is the microbiome produces half at least half the immune system and much of the brain chemicals. One that’s why when we get a stomach bug or we get something terrible intestines, we have more anxiety and depression is not because the fact we feel lousy is because it’s altering the brain chemicals. And so I found a you know, a couple probiotics that I that I do trust that did make some difference. But I want something that’s more stable. And when you talk about you know, I speak a lot about following the the wisdom of Mother Nature. And I don’t think we can ever go wrong with that if these bacterias have been in the soil for a million years to help produce the balance of, of nature and plants and animals, I’m going to respect it. I don’t care what any person with 14 degrees says, I want to follow the wisdom of Mother Nature saying all of that. So I love this Ancient Nutrition SBOs they don’t have to be refrigerated. You know, I, I’m gonna be popping my pill soon at lunch after we finish this. But let’s kind of turn the corner a little bit talking again about that. That magic in the soil that’s been around from the divine nature for as long as we’ve been around. It’s something called regenerative farming. And I remember so well, just almost taking my breath away watching a movie, which I don’t really watch many, but I was on a plane. And the biggest little farm I think was the name of the movie and I talked about it often because it was this couple who bought land and turned into a regenerative type of farm. Tell us what that is and why it’s important and why that’s probably the the future of farming.

Jordan Rubin 21:01
Let me let me dovetail from SBOs for a minute, I just want to let you all know this because it’s really amazing what we do with regenerative farming SBOS are the key. So think about it this way, the same soil based organisms that Ed’s gonna take, soon that I’ve already consumed this morning and set out for my whole family. We can put them on a pile of food waste, they will break it down into compost, we put it in the soil, and it builds disease resistant soil, which then allows plants to grow and the insects don’t destroy the plants. The diseases, fungi, mildew does not destroy the plants. It’s just absolutely amazing. Our gut is the soil of our body. And these same organisms, we put in a bottle to feed a baby water buffalo, whose mom abandoned him. And he had what they call scours, which is diarrhea for livestock, and the same SBOs that were taking help to baby water buffalo. So I can say that I should have been able to tell you this years ago when you wouldn’t bring these in that it’s water buffalo approved. You know, you might be thinking yourself, you have water buffalo. Yes. Well, we’ll get into that in a moment. But biggest little farm I saw it on a plane too. And I was so excited about that movie, because I turned to my wife afterwards. And I said, see, Nikki, I’m not the only one that is screwed things up on a farm for so long. I mean, it made me feel so good. It’s just farming is so hard. And we are so blessed to be able to buy produce organically, we complain that raspberries are $4.99 for a pint in a clamshell in the winter. I’ll tell you, it beats planting a raspberry bush that birds can eat, pest can destroy. You can get an early freeze or a late free anyway. So in 2009 I fulfilled a dream that I had, starting in 97. I knew that I needed to raise and grow the world’s healthiest foods, not just be someone who talked about the benefits of foods, but get to the ground level. And so I purchased land and began a journey that’s now 13 years in the making, on regenerative agriculture. And let me define it. It’s been defined several different ways. But the simplest way is organic agriculture is an agricultural system that disallows most toxic chemicals. Now I say most because you can use some certain pesticides that are more natural, etc. But organic is a set of standards where they require the use of certain compounds and reject the use of others a laundry list of things that you can’t use most pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, nitrate based fertilizers, medicines for your animals, the list goes on and on sprays all of that. Organic helps keep the farm the way that it was year after year. Think about it. You’ve got to farm. There’s organic agriculture, which most of the time keeps the farm the way it is year after year. Typical farming degenerates conventional farming there’s farmers that will say my soil is dead. All it does is hold the corn seeds. I purchased all my fertility from the chemical salesman like that’s what they say there is no life in it. Deep conventionals degenerative organic status quo. Regenerative agriculture improves the ecosystem, soil, plants, animals, even the environment every day, in every way. And you see it objectively with more topsoil, more soil organic matter, which is humus. It’s not what you put on chips or pita it’s humus what we were made of. We’re humans. We come from soil humus, that’s the black stuff, topsoil more topsoil, we can hold more water, we can prevent erosion, and we can rebuild the Earth back to where it was. Here’s a terrible statistic Ed, which I reject. The United Nations said that if we don’t change the way we farm, we have 40 to 60 years. Some people say 40 to 60 harvests left, we have raped the land and I use that word, understanding what I’m saying. Our heritage and why America was settled was for our topsoil. It was feet deep. I live not far from you. And in Middle Tennessee. And next to our home, there was an excavation for a new home. This used to be a farm where I live now in a neighborhood. I thought this was a great chance to take a photograph of an excavated former farm to see topsoil depth because I could I don’t have the wherewithal to go 20 feet deep. And I could not see any visible topsoil zero, maybe there’s millimeters, I couldn’t see any. And I have these photographs. We are in the process through our ranch project regenerative agriculture, nutrition and climate health of rebuilding topsoil. And we’re going to do it objectively on two farms, Tennessee and Missouri. And we’re going to allow an open source blueprint for the world because my personal mission is to heal the planet, feed the world and eradicate disease. And it starts and ends on a farm just the way the Bible says we come from the dust of the earth, it’s trench really, we come from soil, and we’re gonna end up in the soil, right, that’s we’re gonna end up in a casket, six feet under which we don’t even need to be buried that deep, they used to bury people Six Feet Under because it was five feet of topsoil. Now we could bury one foot under but we come back to that same soil, everything within us is made in the soil. It is our obligation or responsibility to steward it, whether you’re a farmer or not.

Ed Jones 26:58
Wow, what a inspirational testimony because it hits home with any of us, who have felt the magic in the mystery of a balanced system. And a system that feeds itself sustains itself. And I love the fact that you are not only doing this just for your personal interest, you’re doing it with a much better grand plan of empowering again and and offering something to the world. As you did with soil based organisms, I will bet my bottom dollar right now, if it had not been for you, we wouldn’t even be having a soil based organism conversation with anybody because you were the person who not only figured it out, but took it and took it to the to the limit and helped others to learn and help to expand. So I give you amazing credit. You are a true innovator in the world of health. And I see in the background that is a picture of your farm.

Jordan Rubin 27:56
Yes, I’m not a great photographer, but I could not resist that rainbow. So yeah, this is our 133 acre farm in Tennessee. This is where the Ancient Nutrition Center for regenerative agriculture and sustainability is housed. And we have 4000 acres in Missouri. So this project is going to encompass plus or minus 4000 acres, and we’re going to objectively prove that you can take something dead and bring it back to life. We start out with soil Ed, that’s not great in Missouri. We’re in the Ozarks, where we farm and they told us the locals. The only thing you can grow here is rocks. And boy, they were right. But this is the place where we’re gonna start, we’re also the world’s first we will be the world’s first triple certified farms. That means certified organic, which I don’t bash organic. It’s a great starting point. We’re going to be regenerative organic certified, we’re almost there. And we’re going to be certified with something we call ecological outcomes verified through the Savory Institute, which they’re the founders of holistic grazing, they’re actually measuring every time period, whether it’s week, month year, our soil, our environment, our micro organisms, our macro, so we’re really excited. We’re also set to be the first regenerative organic certified farms in Missouri and Tennessee respectively. And Ed, there’s only 37 regenerative organic certified farms in the world. There’s 100 more that are in the application process. Regenerative organic, is so much more than just building soil. It involves how you take care of your employees, there’s no minimum wage, you have to pay a living wage, everything in your ecosystem needs to live. And just so you know, and this is pretty cool. Our living wage, where we are in Summertown, Tennessee, that’s where our farm is, is 80% higher than minimum wage. So this is required for Regenerative organic. So we hope that we’re the first of many, many, many, many regenerative organic certified farms, the only way we can do that is we need people like us to support products and projects that are backing this movement because our grandchildren, it’s a cliche our children’s children, and we need to leave the world a better place. We can do it. And you have a plant sitting next to you. And I presume it’s a real plant. And if it is, you’re growing something your air’s healthier, right where you are indoors that involves soil. I compost all my food waste in my house, believe it or not, that’s set to be 1000s of pounds this year. I bring it to our farm. We pick up food waste from three health food stores and restaurants in our area. And we use it to build our soil to feed our chickens, ducks and turkeys. Yesterday, my daughter was slicing a passion fruit that we grew on our farm. And she started to throw away the peel into the garbage. I said no. What are you doing? And I reached in my own garbage. Yes, I’m a guess a dumpster diver these days and I put it in our little compost container on our counter. I’ve not thrown away an avocado seed in two years, we plant every one of them in our greenhouses. I’m not a farmer Ed, I didn’t grow up this way. I grew up in a concrete jungle like many people listening. But if you were in a 30 storey apartment building, you can have a potted plant, you can take your food waste, either to curbside composting, a compost center or a local farm. I know it’s work. But if we don’t do it now, when will we do it? Support brands and businesses that believe in regenerative agriculture? Listen, we had a lot of industries that are against this, but there’s a lot of momentum for it, just the organic movement Ed is so small, but only 1% of land in America is certified organic, that’s organic. That’s not regenerative organic, but we’re changing things at our industry, the natural products industry is really stepping up Ancient Nutrition is dedicated this year, and moving forward 1% of revenue 1% of sales to this regenerative organic agricultural project. We’re partnering with the renowned Rodale Institute as our science partners. And we’re going to do this thing, right. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life building soil, transforming the ecosystem and harvesting the fruits of that labor to help mankind with their health. And people say, Jordan, your mission is to heal the planet, feed the world, eradicate disease, like couldn’t, you’ve had one more like, you know, build a medium sized company or you know, have a really nice car, raise your kids set them up well? Sure, I could select So can everybody. But there needs to be 1000s of people that share that same vision, governments, presidents, billionaires, and we can do it, there’s more land in America, than we need to feed the entire planet. I’ve put together an algorithm that shows that we’re going to prove it on 4000 acres, and we’re hopefully going to teach as much of the world that is ready to listen exactly how we’ve done it.

Ed Jones 33:14
All I can say is you are a hero, there’s no doubt and you are on a path to change the world. We don’t this doesn’t happen on its own. It takes the heart and the blood and the soul and the sweat of people like yourself, who are willing, because I can I know enough of your history. You don’t need to work for a living, I’m sure you don’t, you don’t have to go earn money to pay for your gas in your car, you’ve done well in business. And the thing is, you’re doing this for different reasons, which are the balance of the ecosystem. And I think most people listening are going to really realize that the that the the foods we eat is the biggest part of our health. But if those are grown in improper ways, and they’re deficient, it makes us mega deficient. I don’t care, you can’t eat enough to compensate for it. And it’s not a balanced nutrient from souls that are depleted and right, as you said, and so Ancient Nutrition, and your farm and your philosophies and your morals are just exemplary to me. And I know we’re now carrying a regenerative farm olive oil is and I kind of really got into learning about it, I guess based on this olive oil because they were educating me on it. And it’s just as thrilled me especially after seeing that movie a couple years ago, the biggest little farm I encourage everyone to watch that. And Ancient Nutrition with the soul based bacterias and the way that you live your life and think of the future is exciting, because there’s plenty of good industries but our nutrition industry has done so much for this United States that I don’t think the public realizes the heroes that have built so much avenues of health that would be totally ignored today if it wasn’t for us hard working independent retailers who get up every night. wanting to empower people not to sell products, empower people first, educate, give truth, and you will have the people coming in and spend the money where you can pay your bills. And I love your your, even the concept of your paying employees. Because as we say, in regenerative farming, it’s about a balance. Everything helps balance and feed and, and, and put together a plan not intellectually, but on a certain divine level that creates magic and beautiful music in the end, and you are creating that beautiful music Jordan and I just cannot say enough. Love your company, Ancient Nutrition, soil based bacteria is going to be in my bag today at lunch. And is there any last words you would like to leave the listeners with?

Jordan Rubin 35:45
I would just say that we’ve experienced something even amazing, just in this last month, that’s going to blow your mind. But we have a vision to plant what we call a million member regenerative food forest. That’s a lot of words. We call it member because it involves trees. It involves bushes and shrubs and vines. In the last 30 days alone, it’s gonna blow your mind. On our two farms, we and a crew of team members have planted 200,000 trees, these trees, bushes and shrubs are going to grow. And we’re going to harvest their leaves and their fruit, in some cases, their bark and their roots to be in Ancient Nutrition products. And it’s so so exciting. And you might say well, gosh, what can I do? plant something, or even think about it this way you purchase an Ancient Nutrition product, whether it’s SBO probiotics, or our multi collagen protein, which is the regenerative collagen, you’re likely contributing to a tree being planted. And this is the most mind blowing thing about agriculture in general. I could plant a walnut tree today and we planted lots of walnut trees my great great grandchildren will eat its fruit or nuts. How much more of a legacy can you leave than something like that and every year, that energy that shade, that wood, the value will outperform every major investment index. I’ll leave you all with this thought and it kind of blows my mind in its simplicity. You can count the number of seeds in an apple. But can you count the number of apples in a seed? That’s what it’s all about. Why do you think our seeds are attempting attempted to be stolen? We have planted passion fruit that I bought at the store. Hundreds of vines harvested the fruit planted it again hundreds of vines just in two years and I am not a farmer. I’m learning as I go. But if you want to know more, just go to check out our ranch project. And hey, if you’re in the area, we have planting parties where you can come plant trees, bring your kids your pet a water buffalo hug a water buffalo, we’ll talk about that another time. But we can change the world together. We’re doing it. And either and this is also a cliche, you’re either part of the solution, or you’re going to see your children and your children’s children reap what you have or have not so today.

Ed Jones 38:16
Hmm. Love it, my friend love it. And I’m going to be up here to see it. And I hope to take my two grandkids up there soon. They’re a little bit young right now another year or two. And I just cannot thank you from the bottom of my heart for this I this is going to turn awaken many people who watch this as far as as their health, but also as far as the bigger picture of what we need to support to have a legacy for our own, and also a bigger community of the humans and even the animals. So thank you again, Jordan, and I look forward to being up there in person with you and getting some good photographs and taking a tour of your amazing farm and just all the blessings to you. And I know you’re going to be doing this. I’m 65 and I don’t see any day of stopping and I’m sure when you’re 65, 75 and 85 you’ll still be following those dreams.

Jordan Rubin 39:07
I sure will. Thanks for having me. I appreciate you letting your audience in on this amazing truth.

Ed Jones 39:13
Well, again, you are hero and we will talk to you very soon I’m sure.

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