Easy Ways To Become Your Healthiest Self

When it comes to change, often the smallest and simplest things we put into effect yield the largest results. We would say that this is doubly true when it comes to our health. Eating healthy foods, learning to cope with stress, and getting enough sleep all seem simple enough, but putting them into practice during a demanding day may feel impossible. But remember, even the smallest actions can have a profound impact down the road.

Meet Dr. Depke:

Dr. Glen Depke is a naturopathic doctor and owner or Depke Wellness in California. He worked closely with Dr. Mercola for several years as chief nutritionist, an online contributor, and forum moderator and loves to “create wellness from the inside out.” He helps empower individuals to reach their full potential; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some Topics We Discuss:

  • 3:57 – Summary of healthy changes that you can make.
  • 7:44 – What is NAC and how can it help?
  • 11:10 – The importance of systemic enzymes.
  • 14:23 – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and choline.
  • 20:21 – Supplementing with magnesium is a non-negotiable.
  • 24:08 – How to control chronic inflammation.
  • 29:31 – How EMF contributes to poor health.
  • 32:43 – How quality sleep can change everything.
  • 39:37 – Protect your eyesight naturally from an early age.
  • 45:10 – How to manage your blood pressure.


Some Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • 6:19 – There’s usually not a single thing that decreases our health.
  • 17:16 – Omega-6 fatty acids are primary contributors to nearly all chronic disease.
  • 48:44 – Insulin level is one the best predictors of overall health.

Ed Jones 0:00
And again to explain how about the pharmaceuticals like upstream and how this is toxic to us.

Dr. Depke 0:05
Now let’s just say that non filtered water you’re not only are we dealing with the the potential damages with chlorine or fluoride, but thinking of, you know, the amount of people that you know, flush toxic chemicals down the toilet that gets into the into the water system that really doesn’t ever get filtered out unless you’re filtering it out. And it’s one of like when I talk about fundamentals of health, you know, with with people through the years, now we say the second most important fundamental of your health is to properly hydrate the cells in your body. And not only just hydrating, but hydrating with good, clean, pure filtered water.

Brian Strickland 0:46
You’re listening to the nutrition world podcast, a show about navigating the intricacies of holistic wellness. We’re a natural health food store located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we believe that optimal health and peak performance should be accessible to everyone. Hey, everyone, welcome back to the podcast. My name is Brian Strickland. I’m the producer of the show. And today we have the honor of speaking with Dr. Glenn detsky. Dr. Deb key is a naturopathic doctor, he has his own clinic out in California. But he also worked very closely with Dr. Mercola. For many years, he was a nutritionist, and very active on mercola.com. And actually still is, but Edie wanted to sit down and chat with him just about some simple lifestyle changes that people can put into effect become to become their healthiest selves. And we’re gonna cover a wide variety of topics today from hydrogen to sleep to high blood pressure and everything in between. So it’s a little bit of a very topic episode, and it’s a little bit of a longer one. But there are a ton of great nuggets in this episode. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get right into it. Here’s the conversation between Ed and Dr. Depke.

Ed Jones 1:56
Here we are, again, with another exciting episode, one that I’ve looked very forward to, if any of my listeners and people who talked to me ever speak that I probably have mentioned a word a person more often than any other in this whole field. And that is Dr. Mercola. Joseph Mercola. He has been an amazing innovator. I learned so much from him. I’ve been course doing this for almost 43 years, he’s been doing it 30 Plus, I know maybe 40. I’m not sure. But you know, with the way of the world and such he’s not able to actually be interviewed at this point, even though I’ve had a couple of interviews on the holistic navigator with him. But his right hand man, Dr. Deb key is with us today, who’s very skilled been with Dr. McCulloh for several several years, and actually is a National Educator for Dr. Mercola. And welcome to nutritional world. Dr. Deb key.

Dr. Depke 2:49
No, thank you, it’s my pleasure to be here.

Ed Jones 2:52
You know, we are here to empower people who are interested in being empowered and, and learning what they need to know to manage their own health. And as Dr. Mercola speaks of often I’ll speak very often is we have to put together our own toolbox do not expect who you call your health professionals, generally, to have this toolbox. Not saying we don’t need those health professionals, hey, if I get a terrible UTI of a car wreck, some habits to made, that’s where I’m going. They are a marvelous they’re also marvelous at delivering babies and, and doing surgery when you need it. But the bigger picture of treating chronic disease and slowing aging, they don’t have a clue. I think we all know that. So Dr. Mercola, did an article a few months ago called the top tips for a healthier life. And I’d want us to kind of go through this because instead of having one specific topic, I want to hit a lot of topics in a very short period of time that I know, even well read people may have several of these that they won’t really realize that this is very important. So can you go through some of these tips for a healthier person?

Dr. Depke 3:57
Yeah, absolutely. And it’s one of those things where, you know, for every listener out there to recognize that really, every day or every moment is a new beginning of creating a focus to be the best version of you. It’s something that is an important focus for Dr. Mercola. It’s a very important focus for me, and there’s certain aspects, even to summarize, that are really so important to be the health issue. You know, to recognize that overall, we obviously have to optimize our vitamin D levels, we have to really have a significant focus on always supporting our immune system function. You know, really getting to the point of making sure that you’re you’re supporting your liver function on a regular basis because of all the different you know, important aspects of liver function for your health. And in other aspects. We have to we have to really focus on supporting our vision, you know, really supporting a healthy inflammatory response and, and sometimes it’s not just about supplements to its we have to think of, you know what’s going on in our body You know, the Dr. Mercola talks about this all the time how the importance of eliminating processed foods, and especially foods that are high in, in seed oils is processed sugars or our regular exposure to electric EMFs, or electromagnetic fields. And, and also, even on the perspective have to be careful with what we’re watching, like not everybody has your best interests at hand, whether you’re on the internet or visiting social media, and some of the things that are so important to include things like and likely will, we’ll get a little bit deeper in this later, but the importance of magnesium because literally 80% of everybody watching here right now is likely deficient in magnesium, the importance of collagen, which is a second most abundant aspect of your body outside of water, you know, the the importance of something simple, like just drinking filtered water, or, you know, the nutrients that we need to be healthy, focusing on our overall fundamentals of health. And really something that most people don’t achieve nowadays, which is really healthy, healthy, healthy sleep that brings us that state of, you know, I always tell I tell people all the time, like every day, we should wake up like little kids at Christmas time, because that’s how good our sleep is, we’re just ready to take on the day.

Ed Jones 6:19
I love that. I love that so much. Because, you know, there’s not one single thing normally, that decreases our health. And there’s not one single thing that and vastly improves it, it is a combination. And I use that analogy a lot in my consultations, that if you think of your blood chemistry and your health, kind of like an orchestra in this orchestra with 500 musicians in it, if you were listening to it and had very out of tune music, you would not find normally one musician that’s causing it, you would go in and you’d look at many, many of them, you might find a couple of dozen, then you can create the kind of harmony and music which is the same as optimal health. Now, you know, I know people who’ve listened and watched us at nutrition world all these years know a lot about vitamin D. In fact, nutrition, spent the last two years giving away free vitamin D to firemen, policemen, health care workers and teachers. And we did this because we know it saves lives. We don’t want to get into that too much right now, big, big point need to get blood testing in order to realize whether you’re low and how much is too much with vitamin D. And I know Dr. Mercola speaks of that constantly. And as far as turning up the immune system, I don’t think there’s a time that people have had more exposure to information nutritionally, as far as that. And so you know, the big big hitters and you go into this as Nic is one of those for me, and tell the listeners a little bit about Nac

Dr. Depke 7:44
Nac that n acetyl cysteine. You know, it’s one of the big things for me, and most people don’t understand this that is that it really is very supportive for glutathione production in the body. And that’s so important because glutathione in essence is the body’s primary antioxidant. And it’s so important in the body, the body has the ability to manufacture it, and even has a system to recycle it so that just knowing that tells you how in like essential it is for your body to function properly. And with the NAC encouraging the glutathione, you know, which then has positive effects across the board in the body and has a major impact on supporting liver function, brain health, and really, it’s endless and having proper glutathione levels in your body helps to support every other antioxidant that you would consume in food or supplements on a regular basis. And with that, you know, it’s it’s not just the glutathione which in and by itself is enough, but getting deeper into the support for the liver. You know, we have to recognize that the the liver is the body’s primary source of detoxification and, and simply put ad we live in a toxic world. Now years ago, I read read some some research where they looked at the breast milk and women who live in the wilderness areas of Alaska, still finding that they had PCBs and chemicals in their breast milk and and they don’t live anywhere near a big city or manufacturing or anything like that. So I really can’t say enough about the importance of NAC and its supportive factor really across the board.

Ed Jones 9:22
And I know that there’s been some controversy with Nic because they were trying to make a prescription we don’t know where that’s headed. I do recommend to people to stock up. I did a video on YouTube some months ago that I talked on NAC and it’s got over 325,000 views at this point. So it’s it and it the thing is it’s in every emergency room to because it is used for what Tylenol poisoning or liver dysfunction. It’s extremely safe and I’ve had so many positive reports have good good side effects of NAC and one of them was improving eyesight from some people that are actually a physician, Dr. Michael Murray he was did a big article on how his eyesight improved through the use of NAC during the pandemic, because that’s when it used more of it, I will always take it because it’s anti aging. And if people don’t know that I am less young than I used to be at 65. So I’m in this club of, I’m doing all I can for anti aging. So that plus, of course, other nutrients from the zinc to the beta glucans to you know, vitamin C, course attend all those have been found to be very, very effective to help slow Father, Father times, ravages and to help maintain an optimal immune system, there’s one thing we’ve been taught the past two years is, we have a natural pharmacy within this is a military that we have, yet traditional thinking just disregards it, they think that the drugstore is where all the immune system comes in, or a ventilator, or this or that, and is simply not true. And it’s been, you know, very harsh, because a lot of people have suffered because of that agenda and lack of knowledge sometimes. So now, enzyme, systemic enzymes, I’m a huge fan of these, what are systemic enzymes?

Dr. Depke 11:10
Yeah, the systemic enzymes, it’s so different than most people, when they think of enzymes, they think of digestive enzymes, which is such a miniscule amount of the enzyme activity in the body, the body has these metabolic enzymes that are essential for all of the basically the chemical processes in your body to occur to sustain life. And a lot of times people just have a focus on digestive enzymes, and don’t look at the systemic enzymes, or are also known as proteolytic enzymes. And the key with the proteolytic enzymes, though, or the systemic enzymes, is you don’t take them with food, you take them away from food, because if you take them with food, your body will the enzymes will be used to break down your food. Yeah, that’s not the main efficiency of this. Yeah, because the the systemic enzymes are there, almost to support your body in in cleansing the blood to enhance and support the immune system to maintain a healthy inflammatory response. And one of the things to just thinking about it from the perspective of like, just cleaning out the dirty proteins in the body, you know, potentially these, these fibroids, which are causing blood clots, or really any of these other really materials that we consider these dirty enzymes, or dirty proteins that are having a significant negative impact on our health on a regular basis. And the use of these enzymes at have been has been around for literally generations, I remember studying this with, with natural natural medicine in Germany, and how popular those systemic enzymes were. And in our country, this is almost like a newer thing for most people. And that’s why like, I’m such a big proponent of both the lumbar kinase and the serrapeptase acting as like the support for the cleansing of the blood on a regular basis.

Ed Jones 13:02
And you know, I have two grandsons are very, very young, they have an all young people produce a tremendous amount of these natural systemic enzymes. And that helps the body to again, like you said, cleanse it, get rid of pathogens, get rid of toxins, also maintain the right fibrin in the blood, I will always take one of those enzymes, I actually take natto kinase, which is just similar to serrapeptase. I’m taking that the rest of my life and I have been doing it for 15 years, because one of my you know, I don’t have a huge amount of fears. But I am a hypochondriac still, and you know, blood clot is something that none of us want. Well, natto kinase for me gives me a sense of well being that if I take it morning and evening, because I see that it’s worked. It’s not like I just guess I know it works. So yes, enzymes away from food is something that we need. I know there are a lot of clinics that treat serious diseases really recommend this between meals. Now as far as liver health and you know, we’re in a country that is epidemic with non alcoholic fatty liver disease. And I mean, I see clients, we have 17 practitioners here and we see people a lot with their stories and they tell us it is every day we’re getting someone with a fatty liver and they say I hardly drink at all or I don’t drink. So what’s going on with this and talk about the choline part of this puzzle.

Dr. Depke 14:23
Yeah, and that’s such a big part and you’re so right on it too because most people who aren’t drinking in any level of excess dealing with a fatty liver and they just don’t recognize that so much of it is tied into the the high amount of fructose and even worse, the high fructose corn syrup in our diet. You know, it’s actually been shown to potentially even be as bad or worse than alcohol consumption, you know, from a fatty liver perspective. And, and it’s it’s rampant in our society, the amounts of fructose and high fructose corn syrup in our regular diet of the typical American is, is just like off the charts and, and with the choline, which is really such a big part of this and you know, because the choline is almost even, it’s also supportive for DNA synthesis. It’s it’s important for healthy mitochondria. And really choline as as a supplement is beneficial and people can also look at it from you know, choline rich foods, you know, things like, you know, wild caught Alaskan salmon, krill oil, which I’m always a huge proponent, I take krill every day, you know, for not only the omega three fatty acids, but the fact that it’s also a, it’s naturally bound with fossil phospholipid. So it’s both water and fat soluble. And on top of that, the, the natural occurring acids anthem, yeah, but other things that you could look at like organic pastured chicken or, or vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, should Toki mushrooms or pasture raised egg yolks, I mean, there’s so many different ways that we can increase our choline, whether through supplementation, or even through nutrition. And just as a simple example of like a single hard boiled egg can contain about 25% of your daily requirements of choline. And it’s amazing that people still achieve this on a on a, really a regular daily basis.

Ed Jones 16:22
And it’s also amazing how eggs are still demonized by a lot of people, and especially credible, hot, hot powered credible physicians who like it think eggs are going to be toxic. And it’s one of those crazy myths that got started early that just keeps hanging on I call it kind of medical inertia. Well, another topic that actually I was delayed in really realizing this and, and, you know, we do the best we can but the use of all vegetable seed oils. And I know that even all the way down to macular degeneration to artery health to aging fast. You know, I used to think, Oh, lots of flaxseed oils and lots of this, this good canola and this and that. And, you know, long as it was organic, it was fun, no vegetable seed oils are toxic across the board, aren’t they, I

Dr. Depke 17:16
couldn’t agree with you more. And it’s you know, we’re looking at it from a perspective of, you know, these these mega six fatty acids, you know, it they’re really, it’s almost like when we’re talking about the fructose and the high fructose corn syrup, it’s in almost everything nowadays, that’s processed, right. And, and the these Omega six fatty acids are primary, this is so important, their primary contributors to nearly all chronic diseases, when they’re consumed in excessive amounts. And almost, it’s almost like a metabolic poison that is really also limiting the mitochondria function and the ability to produce really energy at a cellular level and, and even add mitochondria, I can, I can literally talk all day about mitochondria, because most people have heard that it’s the powerhouse of the cell, which is true, yet most people won’t know the impact that mitochondria has on the body such as, you know, you really start with just 97% of the body’s energy. And on top of that, you know, the the high mitochondria needs, so the kidneys, the liver, the muscular system, the heart and and also the function of the brain. And these, these Omega six fatty acids, along with the excessive sugar that we take in on a regular daily basis, has such a negative just that’s the one to negative punch that most people are dealing with every day.

Ed Jones 18:39
It’s actually a wonder that we do as well as we do. And then we actually do actually still live a decent amount of time, when I when I really started studying the depth of the toxicity of vegetable oils. And you’re right, every packaged food almost has it. And one of the keys to this, in my mind is we can’t, we can’t live a perfect diet. We don’t live in a cave, we want to still function and go out and have fun with family and friends. So my number one goal is to raise enough of the Omega three in my blood system where at least the ratios are not terrible. Well, to do that, you have to supplement I have 27 employees I tested all 27 about seven months ago on the fingerprick test that we actually offer here at the store and they all my employees care about what they do. They believe in what we’d stand for. They all supplement and they eat better than 90% of the people and 50% of my employees were under 5% index that is not healthy. So that means even if they do eat it which they will eat some vegetables, it’s not going to be in a good ratio. So I’m hugely invested in considering this. being picky about vegetables, safflower sunflower all these really concerned there few of those can be a little better if it’s made right but stick with what avocado kind of fats and olive all done right? Most olive oils are contaminated Don’t believe the bottle just because it says it. I believe in organic butter, I believe in small some amounts of coconut oil. But next magnesium, I did a podcast on the holistic navigator on the benefits of magnesium. And I think what it has 300 purposes in the body magnesium does, which is more than any nutrient that we sell.

Dr. Depke 20:21
Absolutely and, and I think the big thing, and as I mentioned it briefly at the beginning, is 80% of our culture is likely deficient in magnesium. And really, when you look at the research anywhere from 300, up to maybe 1000 or more processes in the body are dependent on magnesium. And, and it’s it’s one of those, it’s just one of those nutrients that we have to take care of. And, and for me, you know, because every every day, I take magnesium and I take the L three and a form of magnesium because of its ability to not only it really support our magnesium levels, and all of the different processes that are essential to magnesium in the body. And that the three Nate form, though, is the form that’s been shown to be able to cross the blood brain barrier, and much easier get through the cell membrane and into the cell to become intracellular because, as you know, already, and I’m sure you know, with the level of education, you provide that a lot of your, your members and followers also know that, you know, to really get the advantage of the nutrient it has to become intracellular, it has to get through the cell membrane and enter into the cell. And that’s where the magnesium three and eight comes in. And it’s and to me it’s it’s almost a combination of Yes, take your magnesium three and eight daily. And also, you know, reach for foods that are high in magnesium, you know, spinach, swiss chard, collard greens, broccoli, greens, you know, Brussel, sprouts, and, and so much more. So you’re getting the combination of what’s coming in through your food and nutrition as well as the benefit of the supplement, which to me, is essential because of the world that we live in.

Ed Jones 21:56
That’s wonderful. And you know, I still say every day, the knife and fork is still the most powerful weapon we have. So it’s not like you can just eat what you want, but take supplements. So don’t think that and also, I’m glad you brought up the three innate, I want to ask you a question because now if someone supplements only with three a night, it will not only supply the ability go through the brain barrier, which the others don’t, but it will supply everything for the physical body. So they could literally focus just on three a night or do they need other forms of magnesium?

Dr. Depke 22:23
Yeah. For myself, the only form I take is the threonate form. And the one thing I do say because of the high likelihood of deficiency and why magnesium is so important. I do tell people all the time is if you don’t take magnesium, take it regardless of the form you have. So you’re getting something in and you know, but my favorite forum and what I use every day is the 3d.

Ed Jones 22:46
Perfect. Well, we I know that another tip is improved bowel evacuation. Now I guess that’s focusing on not being constipated, making sure you’re relieving yourself every day of the majority of your toxins. So we all know how important that is. And my number two most popular podcasts on they elicit navigator was on constipation a lot of different ways. And again, we have been somewhat harmed by some bad advice over the years, which is take laxatives MiraLAX, all these things that create dependencies. In an urgent situation. I’m all about that, but not on an ongoing basis. And we probably need to move on from that one. Because you can listen to my podcast if you want to hear about that. Now. One of my again, slogans is aging and falling apart is much connected with chronic inflammation. That’s why here we have blood testing every Tuesday and we test markers for that high sensitivity, C reactive protein sometimes said writes, sometimes other things, when a body is inflamed, it’s going to try to patch itself, it’s going to try to do things it’s going to start falling apart. So what do we do about chronic inflammation? Because a lot of times when I mentioned that to a client, here’s what they say, Well, I take up aspirin a day or I take an Advil because it makes sense. I mean, they’re called chronic, they’re called anti inflammatories on the bottle. So tell people what that really means.

Dr. Depke 24:08
Yeah, and it’s the whole thing because inflammation and number one, what I always like to share about that is just go to your favorite browser and just punch in the search, what does chronic inflammation cause and you’ll basically see every chronic disease state known to man as as as an end result of that and and from the perspective like we want inflammation in the body because the the inflammation is a part of a healing crisis, you know, yet we want just acute inflammation that’s there to help the body move on in a very positive level. So ultimately what we want to do is we want to support a healthy inflammatory process. And you know, some of the things to add is even when we were talking about the the vegetable oils, I think it’s important to get the Omega three to six ratios properly. So eliminating these vegetable oils, making sure that we’re getting food Foods that are high in omega three fatty acids. And really, and nowadays because of the, of really the lack of, of really, what I would say is would be the optimal level of nutrition across the board. It really does have that dependency on taking your omega three fatty acid, nutrients and supplements as well like the krill oil even, even myself and I, every day I take keto krill, and I take herring caviar oil, both because I know how important what you’re talking about is, and, and really from the perspective of you want to do things to support a healthy inflammatory system that don’t cause other problems for your body. Yeah, and, and that’s where we can, we can go down a path of against supporting the Omega threes, we talked about the systemic, the use of the systemic enzymes, the proteolytic enzymes. And really, the list goes on about what we can do to support that. And most people have heard about the benefits of Tumeric or resveratrol or TR stilbene. And there’s so many other nutrients that go down that path to again, to support the healthy inflammatory response, such a key for health overall,

Ed Jones 26:07
so many options that are available. And you know, what, 15 years ago, this was more anecdotal, I couldn’t really supply evidence to people who were criticizing our philosophy or conversation, we can do that. Now you go to PubMed, you can look up so many things, they can argue with us anymore, because we have the background and the credibility to prove that these are valid, valid options. Now filter your water is the next one. I am hugely connected to the demise of our health that sometimes is part of the filth, non filtered water and even with filtration, most people are clueless, because I’m very anti fluoride as Dr. Mercola. And I’m sure as you Dr. Deb Qi go for outlet lessons or IQ. It’s just known it’s a known fact. And so we you know, we offer a craft water filter is one of the few I’ve seen that actually filter fluoride. So and again, to explain how about the pharmaceuticals like upstream and how this is toxic to us.

Dr. Depke 27:06
Now let’s just say the non filtered water you’re not only are we dealing with the the potential challenges with chlorine or fluoride, but thinking of, you know, the amount of people that you know, flush toxic chemicals down the toilet that gets into the, into the water system that really doesn’t ever get filtered out unless you’re filtering it out. And it’s one of like, when I talk about fundamentals of health, you know, with with people through the years, now we say the second most important fundamental of your health is to properly hydrate the cells in your body. And not only just hydrating, but hydrating with good, clean, pure filtered water, you know, I not only filter the water in my house, and also in my office, I also have on every shower in my house, I have a water filter for that, you know, that’s that’s one area that most people don’t realize, they think, Oh, well, I don’t want to take this toxic water in through through my consumption of water, without recognizing that if you take a hot shower in the morning, and you’ve got that steam rising from the hot shower, and you’re breathing that in, that’s even a quicker, more efficient way of getting these toxins in the body through through your water. And most people don’t think of that aspect of it. Yeah. So it’s a combination of not only what you’re drinking, and also what you’re showering and bathing in as well.

Ed Jones 28:25
Absolutely. And you know, one of the reasons that, you know, I look back at the 1970s and 60s, some of the photos of school mates, we didn’t have guys that kind of had manboobs we just didn’t today it’s epidemic. One of those biggest reasons is is the kind of pretend estrogens that are in our environment. Water is the one of the bigger source expecially bottled water because with it sits in our warehouse that has heat at all, it’s going to put some of this plastic in the water. And it is just devastating our general health but because it’s become the norm, no one’s even questioning it. Question all of these things people don’t get drowned in by them, but question it and put together a life plan is not that difficult, and it’s not that expensive. It really isn’t when you do the right things EMF electro magnetic field exposure. Whoop Macola has been a way ahead of the game on this one. And I practice pretty dang well of keeping everything five feet away and at bedtime and doing some of the right things but tell people about this this calcium channel voltage regulated thing that happens when you’re exposed EMFs and what we possibly could do with that?

Dr. Depke 29:31
Yeah, and it’s it’s one of those things where it’s it’s almost impossible to avoid you know, yet we can still avoid in every level possible you know, because you think about all the people you know connected to the internet all day on their computer or wired keyboards and or these different wired trackballs and mice for your computer and so much and, and it’s almost like you know, one of the best things that we could all do is when we go to bed at night, is to make it as safe of an EMF level in our bedroom, using only an ideally a battery powered alarm clock, rather than plugged in, you know, avoiding the use of smart products in your, in your bedroom, or you could even just unplug them at night. So this this isn’t running and for the challenges with smart, smart meters here, Dr. Mercola has talked so much about that. Then the other thing too, is that while we can’t always avoid it, you know, we could actually also do things to support the body, which is and we talked about the the use of magnesium, you know, that’s also it’s, it’s really supportive as, as an exposure to EMFs. And then another thing that I do every day, and I don’t know if you do this or not, but every morning, I start with a large glass of water with my my h2, my molecular hydrogen. Yeah, because studies have shown that molecular hydrogen, hydrogen can actually mitigate and support the body from maybe about 80% of what’s going on with an EMF perspective. And, and there’s even, you know, simple protective spices like cinnamon, or clove or ginger root Tumeric all have the supportive factors, you know, for the body tied into our exposure to EMF, so it’s so important across the board is vitally

Ed Jones 31:19
important in everything from anxiety to migraines, to potential cancer rates. And I love Dr. Klinghardt, who Dr. Mercola has had several times I’ve followed him for 20 years. And he says, We need to create a sleep sanctuary. And it made such good sense to me, because we can’t run from it during the day. And I’m so glad you brought up the hydrogen because it’s actually not on our list, I own a hydrogen machine, I use the hydrogen tablets and recommend them highly to people to put them in water and they bubble and you drink it, it is valid science, hydrogen will be a tool for the future on probably across the board. And it is so it’s not even under the radar screen. It’s under the ocean. So it’s going to get more popular as the time goes on. And so not we’re not going to get too much into that right now. But hydrogen, keep that on your your to do list people optimize sleep, I did a I have an e book on nutrition w.com that I wrote on sleep and and also had this ring called an aura ring. Oh, you are a it’s been a life changer. For me. What this ring does is analyzed from a medical standpoint, accuracy wise, how well I’m sleeping well. I knew I wasn’t sleeping too well. But I didn’t know how bad it was, until I got this. And I’ve had this about nine months. It gave me incentive. And it also gave me feedback on things that I can do to improve sleep, what happens to people’s health, when they have chronic insomnia, as I have had off and on.

Dr. Depke 32:43
It’s well, here’s the big thing is one, if everybody could just understand when you sleep, your body does most of most of its maintenance and repair. It’s such a key component of your body being able to be in its best place every day. And ultimately, when you’re not sleeping, well, you’re never really getting to that best place. And then there’s that snowball effect, right? Because when you’re in a bad place, and you’re never really allowing the body to recover from that, you’re just getting progressively worse, worse. And it’s and this is like such a big thing for me because people people think of aging as they think, Oh, hey, in our 20s were were healthier and more vibrant in our 30s we start to gain weight, get a little tired, maybe not sleeping as well, in our 40s. You know, they just everybody goes on about all the problems as we progress. And what I always say is that what we as a culture recognize as as aging, to me is not aging, what we think of as aging is watching sick people get all you know, because a James should be a very, very slow, almost not noticeable decline in our health and we stay healthy and vibrant and active and thinking well and everything until right right at the end of life. And one of the key components that always is getting a good night’s sleep out the proper time a full deep sleep so you can get that regular daily maintenance and repair.

Ed Jones 34:04
Absolutely. And, you know, I know that everything from memory loss to sensitivities with emotions and getting more irritable, all that comes with chronic insomnia. And, again, we go back to is the Do we have a deficiency of Ambien? Is that the answer? Heck no, it’s not, you know, maybe a week or two of you having some major crisis but please people understand that relying on those is digging that hole deeper that you’re going to have a tougher time crawling out of and lack of sleep makes fools of all of us and it’s something that can be managed. I always say not fixed, I say managed. And again like aging, you know, I’m looking here I’m almost 65 I see people now who are 55 who are like 75. They’re 20 years older these days. And it isn’t just bad luck. It’s bad choices and not their fault. Most people it’s because we don’t have a system. That’s Ed educating people comfortably. So you have to look for that. And thank goodness, we have technology because we have people like you who can teach us how to do this better. And you have to sometimes ignore traditional advice until it’s valid, and then you do your own thing. Now, I know Dr. McCall was really big about, we’ll just I don’t know, I’ll call it brainwashing internet wise, but not really that ditching Google and Facebook once and for all. That was one of his titles. Why is that?

Dr. Depke 35:28
Well, it’s just, it’s from the perspective when I, as example, when I think of all of the access we have online, I think just the big thing is, from an internet perspective, and from a social media perspective, just recognize that not everybody has your best interests at mind. And really, I always say that, you know, for people who are on the internet, or people who are using social media, do your due diligence, due diligence and get all of the facts we are don’t depend on any one source to be your factual direction of life. And that’s where, to me, that’s where people like Dr. Mercola, are so priceless. And it’s not, it’s not just as you know, even if you just get his daily articles to give yourself another version of what could be considered the truth. And on top of that, you know, even with the censored library, which I’m a part of, as well, it just allows you to get deeper into just open to more of what the facts could be out there. And that’s my big thing. I’m not always saying hey, ditch this or do that, you know, yet recognize what it is, and really what it’s not. And unfortunately, a lot of people just think that when they find something on their browser, or they find something on social media, a lot of people do still take it as fast. And I just say be open to looking at all the options and and making your best educated choice in regard to your health.

Ed Jones 36:55
Absolutely. And I remember about three and a half years ago, or four when I heard that Google was changing the algorithms for searching, and especially about health. And I didn’t realize the devastation as far as honesty and what would happen to our ability. About three months ago, I was doing a radio show and have a radio show every Sunday vital health radio, and I looked up dT d e t, because I was going to do an article on bug spray and how toxic it was. Well, I remember that it wasn’t that long ago, it seems maybe four years, I would bring up the, like dangers of date, I’d have all kinds of opinions, both sides, neutral, left and right. Guess what, I could barely find an article talking about the toxicity and it is toxic. And and so I’m thinking what so I know Dr. Mercola recommends Duck Duck go, that’s a site and I started using it, I find it far more valuable. So Duck Duck go is my replacement for Google tell people how they can subscribe to Mercola to get this information,

Dr. Depke 37:56
well, really with just going to mercola.com. And we’ll give you an option to really get the daily information. And then as you get the emails, you know what’s really providing another opinion for you. You’ll also have an opportunity tunity on all of those emails to even join the the censored library. Now, because of just now where the world is nowadays, everything can’t just be out there in an indefinite time period. So his articles are really only out for a short period of time. And then they go into that censored library. And I know from being a part of it, myself and I I pay for the subscription just like everybody else does. And it’s invaluable, though, because it gives me the ability to search for the things to get an opinion of somebody who is not controlled by anybody else, you know, which is why I love Dr. Mercola. And it’s just invaluable for everybody.

Ed Jones 38:50
I love it. Myself and few other people to store have signed up. Dr. Bukola is a hero and anyone who’s associated I call heroes to like yourself, Dr. Deputy, because he he he is braving a storm almost unlike anyone else. And I cannot say enough about his his my gratitude for him and what he’s done for the world done for me done for my business. So he is truly a hero protecting your eye health. You know, it seems like people people’s eyes fall apart about 55 years old and disease was about 65 macular degeneration and all these other things can be delayed. I do say often, if we live long enough, we rent these bodies, they’re going to start falling apart. But they shouldn’t be doing it that 20 years before they should be doing it. How do we protect our eye health?

Dr. Depke 39:37
Well, and and it’s so important to add because you know even even I’m 57 and people ask me all the time, you know do do I wear readers or do I have glasses or and now at 57 and if some people think oh well you must have just good genetics for your eyes. Well, now that’s not true. Both my parents wore glasses when they were alive for as long as I can remember and But the thing is, though, is that doing the things to protect the eyes, whether it ties into to things we talked about earlier, or remove removing not only this, this high fructose corn syrup from your diet, but also those vegetable oils, really removing the trans fats from the diet is another important factor. And I’m really doing things like boosting the Omega threes, which we’ve talked about something as simple as eating more vegetables on a regular basis. And then some of the key nutrients to from an AI perspective is the lutein, the Zan, xantham and the acid xantham. Some of the best combinations of nutrients you can ever use to support vision health, you know, and like one of the things I love with the Astros anthem specifically, that is, that is a an antioxidant that also is one of the rare antioxidants that crosses the blood brain barrier. And so many studies have shown the, the positive supportive impact of lutein and Xeons. Anthem on vision health IT because the whole thing is, I believe that we still have that ability to maintain this level of vision throughout our life without the need for glasses or readers or anything like that. And another little tidbit I’ll throw in there is there’s a great book that I am a big proponent of is take off your glasses and see by Jacob Lieberman gets into some of the other components of eye health with different exercises you could do to stimulate those smaller muscles around the eyes that tend to atrophy as we get older and different ways of using our vision to maintain a healthy vision for the whole life.

Ed Jones 41:33
Thank you. And of course, the other part of this picture is preventing some of the devastating diseases or delaying them from glaucoma, macular and all that. I do know that sometimes the shape of the eyeball is changing. That’s one reason we can’t see as well. And sometimes that doesn’t have to do with poor health. And sometimes it does. I know that he has part of this article is lowering your auto immune risk I love the recommendation which I make to a lot of people for their kidney function is using baking soda a little bit every day between meals, tell people that the magic that comes with this one set remedy?

Dr. Depke 42:08
Yeah, well, it’s really, it’s as simple as, as you said, it’s so inexpensive, so easy to use. And the base, the basically the baking soda provides signal to the mesothelial cells. And these cells line the internal organs of your body. And that basically those cells say hi, my body is doing fine. Yeah, and rather than because when the body has is triggering a response of, oh, no, the body is in fine. Very awesome. Very, very often what we do is we develop this aggressive or even harmful response of the immune system. That is really, it’s not, it’s not natural for this over overly aggressive response. It because there is a part of immunity where you know, there is a small autoimmune response in the body where she’s cleaning up cells in the bodies need to be cleaned up. But when we don’t have that proper signal of the mesothelial cells, that we might be putting ourselves at risk. So when we could do something so easy just to support that in a very natural way. It’s as simple as adding a half a teaspoon of baking soda and or half a glass of water, like maybe four ounces, sturdy until it’s dissolved. And then you know, and then you use that whether it be once per day up to three, three times per day is a great strategy from that perspective. And of course, as we’ve we’ve talked about with different aspects of also just supporting healthy immune system function overall, it goes right along with that,

Ed Jones 43:38
what a great piece to the toolkit that’s so easy, so inexpensive to do it away from foods I do recommend. And secondly, I also always recommend it to people who have declining kidney function, it seems the kidneys love that baking soda. Now, blood pressure, we got to talk a little bit about that I want to say real quickly. My head a client about three weeks ago, about 70 years old first name, Faye won’t say your last name. I’ve been running about 160 over 90. And despite medication changes from our doctor, she just couldn’t. And I just feel that it had to do with a modest amount of sleep apnea. And she didn’t want to do anything about it medically. So I said here’s my remedy, the same remedy I’ve had for 15 years go out and buy this type in nutrition world for $5 called Nexcare. Rabbit and put it on your lips and because your mouth breathing at night because I asked you the question, you wake up with dry mouth, you snore blank, they’re all the right. Yes, yes, yes. She sent me an email and said within three days her blood pressure start dropping in two weeks and went from 160 over 90 to 107 over 67 Because of breathing breathing is magical. One of the greatest books I’ve ever listened to recently is breath. I think the guy’s name is Nelson or something at the end. And he talks about he actually had en t plug his nostrils up with silicone plugs for 10 days and they did blood work before during and after his blood pressure went up 20 points Just from mouth breathing, mouth breathing is toxic, but let’s not talk about that anymore. Let’s talk about what are the things can people do for blood pressure, and how important is it to manage that as we age?

Dr. Depke 45:10
Well, it’s extremely important because, you know, obviously, the, you know, the heart is a pump for the blood, right? And, and the amount of pressure that we have within, you know, when we take our blood pressure, is, we want to think it from the perspective of the key of blood moving through the body, and not just in the main arterial system. But getting into the smaller capillaries, which is about really 75% of our circulation is so important because the the, the need of the blood is to be able to carry oxygen and nutrients or the body even help taking taking waste away from body. And if we’re not achieving that, we’re far away from what we would consider optimal health. And some of the simple things like making sure that we’re moving the body on a regular daily basis, you know, making sure that we’re optimizing our vitamin D and, and even paying attention to how we eat. You know, most people don’t recognize this. But you know, Dr. Mercola talks about this all the time is that, you know, we should really focus on on our food consumption in like a six to an eight hour window of every day. And Dr. Mercola has found that this does really help with the the advent of insulin and leptin sensitivity. So when we can support that, that’s often at a root cause of blood pressure. And even the simple things that and I say simple things, but people aren’t doing the right things with this, that is stress management. Now, if we can just simply learn tools to perceive stress differently, and to release it naturally, rather than, you know, the all these people walking around, like they’re chronic stress balls all the time. And we’re, we’re carrying the emotional component of that there are simple tools like EFT or even the, you know, the other impact or like you were bringing up at even just deep breathing has such a calming effect on the body. And one of my favorites, something that I take every day is the organic fermented beets, because of that ability to really enhance the and support the nitric oxide levels in the body, which then actually helps to dilate those vessels to really support the natural movement of blood through the body. So all key components and you’re right though, add this is such a big part of health. Because if we if we can’t move the blood through the body, then we’re not getting the optimal levels of oxygen and nutrients to the cells

Ed Jones 47:31
and we’re at risk for other things. So that is such good solid advice and I’m with you I take the BT capsules or tablets or chewables or liquid something every single day to maintain nitric oxide. It helps my gym workouts and other things last last point and we’re gonna go is I always talk about my diet is a leaning toward a keto diet. I don’t usually hear other people saying that I had been in straight ketosis, it’s fine. It has a purpose. But I really eat about 50 to 60 carbs Monday through Friday than I eat more carbs on the weekend. One of those Thank you, Dr. Mercola. Talking and educated me on we need to cycle through this. And part of this has to do with insulin sensitivity. And to me, that’s one of the most important blood tests a person can get. In fact, I started just doing a gym posting from tick tock under nutritional world, Tennessee, and I’ve got 1.2 million views in seven weeks. The one single post I made that had 500,000 views was on insulin. I could not believe it. I just titled it the most important blood test that you can get insulin and had a half a million views within one week. Tell people real quickly the why we want to manage and know our insulin and the implications of it not being good.

Dr. Depke 48:44
I think the biggest thing and I’ve heard Dr. Mercola say this for years is one of the best overall predictors of optimal health and, and natural longevity is your insulin levels, keeping your insulin levels as low as possible. And it’s so easily achieved by what we’re doing with our diet. And we refer to it nowadays as keto I’ve been teaching keto for over 20 years, except it you know, 20 years ago wasn’t called keto, which is sensible eating. Now eating at the time was referred to as low glycemic now we use the terms low net carbs, no but eating low glycemic or low net carb vegetables, eating a low to moderate amount of protein and some really and moderate to abundant level of good healthy fats like avocados, healthy, healthy versions of olives and coconut oils. And, and as you mentioned earlier, the whole you know, potentially grass fed butter and even a step above that would be raw grass fed butter, and really getting these really good quality fats. And the other thing that’s a key and I always want to make sure this is included, is it’s not just about restricting every day, at least once per week. You want to have more carbohydrates, and especially those digestive verses and carbohydrates that actually feed the microbiome in the gastrointestinal system. So So once a week minimally having some of that basmati rice or the papaya, or some of these other really digestive resistant starches that are so important for the gastrointestinal health support.

Ed Jones 50:15
Well, we are just blessed and grateful that you could take your time and come and join me to educate empower people because they’re hungry right now. And that’s one of the blessings of the past two years is some of the people who actually awakened to this, this new idea that we actually have so much control over our health, we’re not victims, we don’t have to be a victim. And as long as you feel like we’re broke, and we’re walking around as a broken victim, you’re going to search for a rescuer and those rescuers are not the people that I trust anymore most of the time. So Doctor deputy, I just a million thank yous this is going to go a lot to a ton of people and it’s going to change some lives. And I hope in about six months, we can get back with you and we can do another one of these wonderful podcast on another topic of natural health.

Dr. Depke 51:04
At my pleasure, so great to be here and it’s an honor on my level.

Ed Jones 51:08
Thank you and please give my regards to Dr. Mercola. I’ll do that.

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