Operations Specialist

Cassidy Simmons

Though she works in the office primarily, Cassidy's work can be seen throughout the store. From making sure our online shopping platform is in tip-top shape, to making sure we have supplies to run the store smoothly, Cassidy is a huge help to us!


My journey with health has been a lifelong one. My mom has been in the fitness industry since the 80s and being as passionate about health as she is, she instilled that in my brother and I very early on. Growing up as a dancer, I had to be more aware of my body and health than most people at a young age. As an adult, I became a professional dancer, to which health and nutrition played an even more important role than ever before. As many people know, the dance/entertainment industry is competitive and extremely challenging mentally, physically and emotionally- long rehearsals, hours of training every day combined with the pressure of coaches, the industry, colleagues and yourself, really starts to take a toll on you. All of that coupled with the loss of a few family members and mentors in a short amount of time led me to experience some of my own strange health issues. Those of which inspired me to go down an even more in depth road of understanding my body, my mind, the connection between the two, and just how much stress really does affect you by manifesting itself physically in the body. I feel so grateful to have found Nutrition World semi "on accident" after driving by multiple times right after I moved here. The knowledge I'm surrounded by every day is so inspiring and humbling, I feel very blessed to be a part of this team!