Marketing Manager

Amanda Ballard

Though she does many things at Nutrition World, Amanda’s primary job is overseeing our marketing plans. She works hard to ensure the story and brand of Nutrition World are well represented.

Growing up playing multiple sports, I always wanted to improve my performance. I knew that nutrition played a role and always tried to eat fairly healthy, however, as I got into my adult years, I realized that “healthy” is a very subjective term. During college I found myself gaining a lot of weight and not knowing how to get rid of it. It was then that I discovered the science of macronutrients and how to eat in a way to help me lose weight as well as maintain my weight loss but still enjoy some of my favorite foods. Since then, I’ve continually become more and more interested in nutrition and was very thankful when the opportunity came up for me to begin my career at Nutrition World in January 2016. I love working here because everyone is constantly learning and growing in their knowledge of nutrition and business.