Delightful Health Advantages of Real Butter Over Processed Fats? Really!

Real butter or margarine? Let’s get real, people!

Ed Jones  00:04

Welcome to the Health Tip of the Week. I must say, this one is one that really aggravates me and the topic is margarine. Let me tell you people, I don't I tend to think people get it. But then I keep hearing conversations constantly about we use margarine in this recipe and all these restaurants who have all these little packaged supposed butters but you can tell they're not because I'd say the word spread on them. Why are people not more educated about this? Butter is really healthy and modest amounts, especially organic butter. It has something called anti stiffness factor in it that helps our body it has natural ingredients has good fats, and especially if it's grass fed organic. That's what you want. What is margarine? Margarine is actually like plastic. Let me ask you something if you are going to have a house built, and the contractor came in and said we're going to build this house with styrofoam bricks. Is that okay? Because it's less expensive. You would immediately say no, you would find someone else to build the house because you know those styrofoam bricks are not going to be solid and secure for the long haul. Guess what fat does in our body? It replaces the cells as it needs new fat. Every single cell in your body is surrounded by fat, hopefully healthy fats, omega three and things like butter. If you're using margarine, which is totally synthetic plastic. What do you think's going to happen to that house called the body when it's starting to replace these components that are so important with that type of plastic? Margarine is nothing but synthetics from top to bottom, you can put that margarine on your windows seal and I will guarantee you in 20 years nothing will have bothered it. You know what if no creature in nature will eat it why would we even question it? Of course we know why people buy it: inexpensive. When you start using the dollar as your total decision making for purchasing foods. You are spending more money than ever because your health is going to fail far quicker than before. Keep butter at the top of your list people for all your recipes and tell restaurants that you demand butter. Thank you so much for that.