Natural Prep For Double Hip Replacement: How Ed Prepared

Natural Prep For Double Hip Replacement

Sometimes our bodies need a little intervention, including surgery. The road to recovery after surgery can be extensive, butt here are things we can do to help prepare our bodies for the best results.

Ed had double hip replacement surgery this week, but he wanted to share a few of things he did in preparation. He strongly believes these simple steps will help decrease the time it takes to recover. But even if your not preparing for surgery, these examples are a great way to help lead a healthy life.

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Natural Prep for Double Hip Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing for a double hip replacement can be daunting, but adopting a natural approach can significantly improve your recovery and overall health outcomes. Let’s dive into a holistic preparation regimen that covers all bases—from strengthening your body to optimizing your nutritional status.

Strengthen Your Microbiome

The health of your gut plays a crucial role in overall immunity and recovery. Start by boosting your microbiome with high-quality probiotics. Products like Vital Flora and MegaSpore introduce beneficial bacteria that are essential for a strong immune system and can help fend off hospital-acquired infections, a common concern during surgeries.

Optimize Nutrient Levels Through Blood Testing

Undergoing comprehensive blood tests a couple of months before your surgery can reveal crucial insights into your health. Pay particular attention to your Vitamin D levels, as it supports immune function and aids in recovery. Ensuring your body is not deficient in any key nutrients is vital for a swift and effective healing process.

Avoid Negative Influences

Stay clear from viewing surgical procedures online, as negative visuals or ideas (nocebo effect) can impact your mental and physical health adversely. Instead, focus on positive outcomes and maintain a hopeful outlook to enhance your body’s healing capabilities.

Lung Fitness

Your respiratory health is paramount, especially when undergoing major surgery. Utilize tools like a spirometer to improve lung capacity and practice breath-holding exercises to boost your oxygen intake. Techniques popularized by figures like Wim Hof can be particularly beneficial in strengthening your respiratory system.

Detoxify Your Body

Consider a detox regimen to clear toxins from your body before the surgery. Using natural detoxifiers like zeolite can help remove heavy metals and other contaminants, lightening your body’s load and preparing it for the stress of surgery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Incorporate hyperbaric oxygen therapy into your pre-surgery preparation. This treatment saturates your body with oxygen at high levels, which can accelerate healing and tissue repair. Regular sessions can be a game-changer in your surgical recovery process.

Ensure Adequate Hydration and Nutrition

Hydration is more crucial than ever when preparing for surgery. Use high-quality electrolyte solutions to maintain proper hydration and electrolyte balance. Complement this with a robust nutrition plan that includes essential nutrients and supplements. Consider adopting the “Core Four” strategy, which includes a multivitamin, omega-3s, a green drink, and magnesium, to cover basic nutritional needs.

Maintain Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is not only crucial for general well-being but also for optimal recovery from surgery. Ensure you’re in the best possible physical shape going into the operation to enhance your resilience and recovery speed.


Preparing for a double hip replacement naturally involves a comprehensive approach that includes boosting your microbiome, optimizing nutrition, detoxifying your body, enhancing lung fitness, and maintaining overall physical health. By taking control of your health with these natural strategies, you can ensure a faster, safer, and more effective recovery. Always discuss any new health regimen with your healthcare provider to ensure it complements your medical needs and surgery preparation.