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Nature’s Sources AbsorbAid Enzymes

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UPC: 724250784045 Brand: Nature's Sources Size: 45 servings Serving Size: 2 capsules ✓ May eliminate the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and reflux naturally, through better digestion ✓ Proven to increase vital nutrient absorption by 71% ✓ 100% vegetarian ✓ Recommended by medical doctors, clinically tested, and scientifically proven AbsorbAid’s main function is to help you digest your food, so you should take it with daily meals. Use amount recommended at the beginning of each meal. There is no maximum dosage, so if you are eating a large meal, you may want to increase the amount you use. Many people have poor digestive systems, and lack the ability to absorb the nutrients from the food they eat or the supplements that they take. All foods have enzymes, however, cooking destroys them and makes your body use its limited supply. Enzyme production decreases as we age. Many health professionals attribute premature aging and disease to a diet that is deficient in digestive enzymes. In many cases you can see immediate relief from digestive disturbances. For better absorption of the nutrients in your food or supplements you may feel a difference within a few weeks to a few months. Being healthy should be viewed as a long-term goal, by ensuring that nutrients are absorbed into your body. It’s not what you eat that keeps you healthy, “It’s what you Absorb.” AbsorbAid is stomach acid stable and is active in the small intestine. Most nutrients are absorbed through the walls of the small intestine

SUGGESTED USAGE: Take 2 capsules with each meal (more should be used by individuals with compromised digestive systems). When you experience occasional indigestion, or for nighttime discomfort, open 2 capsules and mix in 2 to 4oz of room temperature water. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Heat destroys enzymes. Do not mix AbsorbAid in hot beverages or hot food. Safe for children and pregnant or nursing women. It even helps colicky infants.

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