Improving Vascular Health Through BEMER Therapy

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Why does a teenager heal from almost any cut, infection, or broken bone exponentially quicker than those of us forty and up?

It’s actually quite simple when you boil it down to the lowest denominator.  Their young bodies have vastly more blood flow than we do if we are over 40 years old. The young system allows the blood to transport nutrients and remove toxins very quickly and efficiently. However, father time reduces the efficiency of circulation with every decade we live.

What if I told you that you could turn the hands of clock decades with a simple 8-minute treatment!

I wrote almost 30 years ago that energy medicine would dominate the practice of healing someday and I completely believe we are arriving close to my prediction.

I have been receiving sessions on a cutting-edge machine that uses something called Electromagnetic Field Therapy. The name of this equipment is the BEMER machine, and I have been blown away by the results!

Here are the top reasons I think BEMER therapy is credible.

  • BEMER is used in over 4,000 hospitals but mostly in other countries.  
  • NASA chose BEMER to partner in developing wearables in the space program
  • 5 International patents
  • FDA Class 1 approved and Class 2 pending as a registered medical device
  • Endorsed and used by Olympic athletes
  • Dr Rainer Klapp MD, PhD.  Head of Institute of Microcirculation in Germany…”BEMER is the world’s most effective physical vascular therapy currently available.”

The flow of blood is extremely reliant on the small tiny capillaries that run all through our body and these are the workhorses that push blood throughout the body.  Our body has 60,000 miles of these tiny little tubes and some are smaller than the diameter of a hair!  These microvessels make up 74% of all blood flow, so you can see how negative the effects of decreased blood circulation and capillary health can be.  Well, guess what happens when we age?   Yes, less and less flow of the life-giving blood cells to all parts of our body.   This explains everything from slow wound healing, erectile dysfunction, cold feet, decreased energy levels, etc…

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I had the opportunity to be treated on the revolutionary BEMER machine a few months ago and I felt an amazing improvement after only a few days of these daily sessions!   This catapulted my interest into overdrive to learn everything about this technology.   I must say I am very excited about the potential of BEMER to assist in improving health in others.

The results I found within only a few short sessions were the following:

  • Feeling of increased well-being
  • Less inflammation
  • Improved stamina
  • Increased nutrient absorption 
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Deeper sleep patterns
  • Healthier skin appearance

This treatment only takes 8 minutes and it simply involves exposing your body to the invisible pulsed energy fields as you lay on the BEMER mat.

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