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Wellness Consultant

Erin Jordan

Erin works hard to provide the best customer service possible to our customers.

I grew up here in Chattanooga. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have an amazing little boy named Robin. Growing up I had a fascination with plants and flowers. I enjoyed foraging for wildflowers and growing things in my garden. As I got older, I started to study the health benefits of some of these flowers. Some included passionflower, calendula, yarrow, and lemon balm. Once I graduated high school, I began working at a health food store. There, I learned more about holistic wellness and was able to heal my own health problems with a whole food, plant-based diet, along with different herbs and supplements. I am very passionate about encouraging others to adopt a plant-based diet to help heal their bodies. Nutrition is SO important! I also educated myself about natural childbirth and using holistic methods to ease pregnancy, birth and postpartum issues. At home today, I used several different herbal/holistic supplements to keep my family well.