General Manager

Chase Ballard

Chase is the go-to guy for anything related to Nutrition World operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible and making sure it is around for years to come. Anything that’s related to thinking big picture, implementing new procedures, problem solving, and the betterment of the store is in Chase’s wheelhouse.

I have been passionate about nutrition and supplementation since 2007. Before that, I led a life that was nowhere close to a healthy lifestyle. Many things culminated in my life that made me make some changes. A focus on nutrition, exercise, and supplementation led me on my wellness journey and led to some monumental successes including losing 100 pounds.

Along my journey, I discovered I had a knack for understanding supplementation and nutrition. I understood that there was a proper way to do things in regard to transparency and effective dosing. Sadly, there is a lot of corruption out there in the health industry and many companies that prey on the less informed.

Beginning my career at GNC, I saw a number of my ethics challenged with commission based sales and being told to just view customers as a way to meet goals. After a few years of being a nonconformist manager at GNC, I heard about a supplement store that was doing things right and with ethics at the forefront.

That store is Nutrition World. I will always remember my first conversation with Ed Jones and how we bonded over our ideals on how to treat a customer and how to combat the misinformation in the industry. Soon after, I began working for Ed as his Assistant Manager. I have been honored to grow with the company and after a year or so was trusted with the opportunity to become Nutrition World’s first General Manager.

My experiences have led me to new passions associated with doing everything it takes to advance Nutrition World into the future and be able to educate and help more and more people along their wellness journey.